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Good morning Steve back into at six thirty now here in this Monday morning collecting state twenty seven agrees with the wind chill of ten gasoline prices in the U. S. have remained consistent over the past few weeks industry analyst trilby Lundberg Kathleen market is but very stable of specially at the retail level there was no change in the average retail price of regular grade in the past two weeks it is still two sixty nine per gallon Lundberg says are always factors pulling down and pushing up gas prices but your prediction the next few days we will lose a few cents per gallon these are just getting after a rape suspect died in an apparent suicide in northwest Wichita officers were called to a Walmart in twenty first in may's road Sunday morning to check on the welfare of a man in the parking lot officer tried to approach the man at first but took cover and kept their distance after observing that the man was armed with a gun investigators say officers tried to defuse a situation but the man ended up killing himself in their presence the man's identity has not been released our best you getting a shooting outside a Lawrence sports bar that left three people wounded Lawrence police say the shooting was reported around two AM Sunday outside the player sports bar near ninety that have school on the city's east side officers found an injured man and woman with non life threatening injuries in the parking lot a suspect in the shooting fled in a car but was stopped by police a few blocks away from the bar on east twenty third street the suspect was taken to a hospital with a life threatening gunshot wound a section of east twenty third St remained closed Sunday morning as part of the investigation right the price K. NSS news a former Lawrence police officer convicted of threatening another driver with a gun on a suburban Kansas city highway in the case of road rage has lost his peace officers license Kansas city star reports that the license for fifty three year old Jeffrey Brian Holzman was revoked last month Altman was sentenced in August to twelve months probation for the October twenty eighteen incident he pleaded guilty in June to a reduced charge of criminal threat the victim told police that he was driving on interstate four thirty five near interstate thirty five when he honked at Holtzman for suddenly slowing down the victim says Holtzman then pulled alongside him and pointed a handgun at him and his passenger Altman resigned from the Lawrence police department the following month Phil Hildebrand K. an access news president trump former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has a new book coming up about her time working in the administration in her new memoir Nikki Haley says to top administration officials tried to enlist her in opposing some of the president's policies in her book with all due respect Haley describes a meeting with then secretary of state rex tellers and and then White House chief of staff John Kelly and says they were following a dangerous path both had different views in the prize it might came to a number of issues including the Paris climate accord Haley step down at the end of last year she called her time at the U. went a blessing it but offered no reason for leaving other than saying a government official must know when it's time to step aside mark is white fox news Iran's president says a new oil field was discovered in the country's south the country announced that it's found a new oil field capable of producing fifty three billion barrels of crude oil though under crippling American sanctions this still will not completely help take run since their on able to sell that oil to many countries the reimposition of U. S. sanctions has driven Iran's oil exports to about three hundred thousand barrels per day because in Iran to lose fifty billion dollars in revenue compared to a full production in two thousand and seventeen the discovery comes as Iran continues to break key terms of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal only after the United States pulled out of it last year last week running president Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran began injecting uranium gas into advanced centrifuges violating a third term of the agreement fox's tray yanks reporting from Gaza as we try to stay warm this winter it's important to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning Sherri sages with safe kids cancers sometimes it's called the silent killer because it's a colorless odorless tasteless gas so there's no way to know you are truly being poisoned and less you have some type of detector it also can make you feel similar to some other winter illnesses the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning nausea dizziness headaches confusion can even be you know a person losing consciousness so it's really important to make sure that prevention is on your side for more information about C. O. poisoning visited safe kids dot org now look at the forecast with canister Stephanie Rodgers Dan holiday good morning Dan good morning another early preview of whether to start the day with some areas of freezing drizzle and light snow and that will lead to some slick spots on the road we should clear out by late morning though becoming very windy north winds up to forty five miles per hour with temperatures hovering near thirty tonight's low twelve sunny in thirty seven on Tuesday im Kay an SS meteorologist Dan holiday no lights no twenty seven degrees and that north winds gusting to forty nine miles per hour giving us a wind chill of him so it's not very pleasant six thirty four Stephen dead here on K. N. S. S. waffle house is known to not close for anything even if there's only one worker behind the counter even Crispo told all hail dot com that that was the case early Sunday morning at a location in Birmingham Alabama says he came in just after midnight to find a single man tending the incoming crowd of hungry heavily imbibed customers that's when Chris pose as a customer stood up yes the employee for an apron and got to work soon other customers also jumped in to wash dishes and bus tables hell spokesman pad waters says a scheduling miscommunication left alone worker to take care of the restaurant by himself order says waffle house appreciates the customers who stepped up but preferred their associates behind the counter well of course you do yeah to make sure somebody's there right sure six thirty five now Stephen did here on K. an SS on this Monday morning on veterans day and Jen you be ahead over the weekend you and he took a little trip to do not go yes I did day we went up to released I drove to Saint Paul not not that not in Minnesota so that no or no I drove to Saint Paul Kansas to Neosho county kind of in eastern Kansas there south eastern and went to visit my brother my brother celebrating his birthday today actually both of my brothers birthdays are in the same week so they're both this week but we all right we're celebrating my older brother cans birthday because he had kind of a big milestone this year turning fifties okay we went there to celebrate I drove to the ocean county saw this is amazing on the way there several dear strikes I don't doubt that every evidence of several dear strikes especially getting right around past for Dona and then going on to on towards a Saint Paul there slot to do your strikes on the way back had a close call did you ed had a deer probably within two feet of my car up on the roadway just missed it so the Larry Kelly very careful the way I recall it's got my son was going to the university of Kansas and we'd go up this we got twenty five what twenty five years ago we go up there and in the fall and and you would you'd cut half dozen dead didn't die he dear Abby and we hear the turnpike yeah all right there's a very close call lane is not all yup scary scary OJ Simpson is suing a Las Vegas hotel casino alleging unnamed employees defamed him by telling celebrity news site TMZ he was ordered off the property in twenty seventeen for being drug destructive and unruly the former football star denies a lawsuit filed against the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas that he was belligerent brought glass or damage property the cosmopolitan declined to comment a TMZ is not a defendant in the case the completed knowledges of Simpson got a notice banning him from the property after he spent several hours at a steak house in the lounge the seventy two year old Simpson is on parole from prison and living in Las Vegas so he can't be misbehaving too much the poor back in jail because he served nine years for armed robbery and assault after a bid to retrieve a personal memorabilia and ilog Las Vegas hotel in two thousand seven as may be still more trouble or at least OJ was your record again Alex I six thirty eight now Stephen dead here on Kay and assess it is time for morning commodities update with Tom Leffler of Leffler commodities good morning Tom morning Steve the live cattle feeder cattle close slightly positive back on Friday after having two sided trading live cattle futures had more new highs for the week made on Friday okay scandal traded at one fourteen one fifteen on Friday technicals are still topping for the cattle but the levels are still supporting for the cattle futures closed mostly positive on the session of two sided trading at the close Friday December live cattle twenty five cents higher one nineteen twenty five January feeders up and die but one forty five eighty seven we simply log seventeen cents road sixty four twelve with finding the USDA report did not hold any price positive news we did see corn futures close on the positive side mainly on short covering by the for the last week December casing we'd lost a nickel December corn lost world since January soybeans lost six cents for the week that today's government reports will be released on Tuesday to the veterans day at the moment December Casey which trading during the quarter cent forward for eighteen the recorder December corn two and three quarters lower three seventy four and a half January soybeans and Bob McAdoo said that nine twenty five and three quarters December crude oil fifty nine cents lowered fifty six sixty five December gold.

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