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Hey everybody it's Andrew and it's Anna from scary stories to tell in the pod and here's some awesome things to check out this week on the forever dog podcast network. Megan shelter is a guest on seek treatment and Katyn. Pat Are on confronting demons. That's right it's a secret. Even Confronting Evens Crossover. This is just very good. These are the villains of the comedy scene. There they're talking in there chatting and they're mixing in their matching and they're cooler than we'll ever be in that's fine on sloppy seconds big dipper and meatball chat with Chicago legend and wallpaper enthusiasts Shade Kuei from season nine of repulse drag race. Wow those are three absolute stars of not only the drag world all so my heart speaking of stars in my heart check in with Sydney emory on the unofficial expert. And Hey we'd love for you to listen and subscribe to our own spooky show scary stories to tell on the pod where we take you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of American folklore. Go Stories huntings and urban legends via the Classic Children's series scary stories to tell them the dark. Thank you so much supporting our network. Now please please enjoy this episode. Won't you won't you? Why is len left out of everything this week? On the Lois Duncan's daddy taught pill. Welcome to increase. The podcast discussed white pulp fiction. I was thrown by that tagline. It was very weird. One of your host wins a case. I. I'm to one of your hosts Kelly nugent and today we're joined by a very special guest. You may know him as a writer for transformers and teenage mutant Ninja Turtles as host of Nintendo Cartridge Society podcast. But most importantly as our number one foremost expert on all things load up. Patrick Allergies is here. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. Chocolate Dunk figure out why Lynn is being left out of everything. Why why is she down? And we know within seconds origins back to the time we know and she isn't even fully being left out. She's leaving herself out. Yeah she's withdrawing I think she's clinically depressed. Oh Yeah Oh yeah you should come. Stanchly key circumstantial. She's fine before she wants. Nothing in this. The whole book wants to how she wanted to hall into us to be a hill girl again but she also wants to not want Paul. She wants Paul to warrant her more. There we go. Yes so that interesting confident which I feel like many people can relate to myself. Okay here's the thing. Did I love this book? Yes I fucking this book I love. His Books Are White. It was like it was such old. Fashioned fluffy nonsense. Yeah but it was so it was like a like I said. We're Kelly and I were texting about this a little bit. It's like it's like I'm sitting on a cloud. I seriously feel so quite late. Risk Super Coleman and also like a benefit so much from I assumed that the version that we all read is the only version that exists is a non updated version right. This would be insane to not dirk without a cell phone but no other languages is usually. He's still saying darn and they're also saying he and like what was. Oh He's a grand fellow people saying like fine but not in like a sarcastic way. I love sincere fine fine like ooh isn't that fine. What a fine notion you know. Okay so let me judge it. We we don't have a okay here. We go ready so ready. Oh man okay. I'm only at the because the only place I could find the description of this book it is available on Condal Which is to buy a hard cover for two hundred dollars? You can no thank you. Oh there's a really good tagline on the Condo version actually really what is it? Lynn Chambers has always been a member of the in crowd but But can she give that up to do? What's right? tagline long along. It's a little long but it's very accurate and grabs your attention. It's better than Wise Lynn. Being left out of everything Jiang okay. Ready Lynch Chambers is popular wealthy and going home most study with a handsome college boy but when she decides not to be a debutante. Lynn finds herself on the outside which leads her to a side of town. She barely knew existed there. She meets Anna. Oh you have to talk about Anna. Oh my God. An artist accurate overlooked by the debutante crowd and bad boy. Dirk masters was a fast car a quick temper and a dark secret involving Lynn. He likes Sir. I think that's the dark secret. He likes her. It's not very I think they're trying to market it like her other books which it's not. It's dark for the time it's true. It's like it was. I mean the classes daring secret dude yet. His secret he's pure. Oh man he's pouring he. He's in love with a non poor of with a riche. Here's the thing. He was capital P. problematic. It's true but he was also extremely hot. Hughes to figure this out is he the low dunk boy or as Paul Volodin Halls Loda also loan dunk boy. Now 'cause he will actually yeah. He has this dark secret of being a boy. There's like yes tends to be a bad way. Well there's always a bad boy. Low Duncan a good boy low dunk but obviously Paul is the like true low dunk. Sure is more the down a dark hall low dunk born. Yes yes I think honestly if you look at the two characters. You'll see. That looks really experimenting with duality. And kind of like two different sides. The same I..

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