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Storm decoration obscene victims I'm really at Francis president trump has declared an emergency as tropical storm Dorian threatens Porter Rico with a direct hit later today in a religious pilgrimage of a hurry is the latest conditions are going to be conducive here for this from to gradually try to strengthen potentially get up to a strong tropical storm just shy of a hurricane there as it approaches Porter Rico sometime Wednesday afternoon and again this could come in very close to a category one system just about every single model guide says that takes this directly over the island so we think heavy rainfall the predominant thread with this the governments across this region taking the storm very seriously we do have tropical storm warnings hurricane watches that I've been issued across the island some models I wanted to bring a farther south into Florida the most recent run with team this kind of shift all the way to the north into northern Florida and southern Georgia for Wednesday don't your bank says it has tax records Congress's seeking its investigation of president trump's finances in court papers reveal Tuesday the lender claims it has tax returns for individuals named in a document that Mr trump contends is overly broad the US attorney in New York as drop charges against Jeffrey M. stand as a result of a suicide but before that happened his victims were allowed to speak on the record while Jeffrey up Steve's victims didn't get to face their tormentor it was still an emotional day for the women who spoke inside a federal court room here all I'm gonna say it today as they have power the strength of that with Teala Davies speaking after she addressed the court it happened during a hearing at which the US attorney drop the charges against that steam because of his suicide first though women were allowed to testify about what happened to them when they were teens and how it left him scarred Jennifer rose was among those who spoke one woman said Jeffrey of Stephen was a coward for taking his own life so we wouldn't have to face them Steve casting about New York is the head of this morning's opening bell on wallstreet right now Dow futures up twenty nine.

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