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After that I sort of felt so guilty guilty actually went out and did a little Christmas shopping myself this past weekend and so there you go I mean it is it is possible guys it is possible people out there. I am going to thank my guest. Very much for coming in Actually Lisa Senegal's been on the phone. The chair of the Vermont Commission on women for sharing doing some thoughts about this issue of the extra burdens taken on by women during the holiday season. Of course it's year round but it seems to really step up during the holidays. And what can I say other than guys. We need to step up ourselves. Our own gave a little bit here. Cathy Murphy also has been my guest here in the studio. She only had to come a hundred yards down the street from our neighbors. The Snow Street emporium here in Waterbury Marie and It's it's great to see you Kathy's well thank you and I wish you both five very happy holidays by the way. Do some relaxation time. Please I I really want you both both in all the folks out there to do that. It's not all about it's not all about just getting the shopping done and Wiley so i WanNa meet you. Were who've worked fantastic store and I don't care if it's really wonderful. Thank you very much already there zero. So we're GONNA shift gears now because I did want to get a little bit more thinking talking about this News event today where the House. Judiciary Committee voted to articles of impeachment against the President President of the United States and with us to join. Join US this morning. Is Bob a one of our commentators National commentators. He was with talk media news for a long time. He's he's now Out is a freelance commentator on the scene around the national news and Bob Good Morning. Good morning how are you doing. I'm doing one okay. Just waiting for Christmas now. Don't just wait. You GotTa Get out there and actually do some. You're you're a guy you need to get out there and do some shopping and ask you why you know. Hey can I help out okay. What what part of the meal can I prepare? You know. I don't like the the elbows and things I'll do mine online share. Oh I see okay. Yeah that's the that's the other way ago well Hey Bob I wanted to check in with you because obviously big news this morning and you are You are I'm sure watching it very very closely. What what are your thoughts? Well they had a fourteen hour marathon yesterday a little bit of inside baseball. I always like to bring these things out. There was a White House Christmas party and they Member saw that that they were going to be missing it. 'cause The you know the the hearing was quote drug out according to the Republicans because because they said Chairman Nadler wanted more primetime exposure so as a result they drug it out longer since they had to miss the Christmas party it went on for fourteen hours. A little a little bit of insight personal stuff. I think the listeners You Might WanNa know. That doesn't count for anything but that's the way it is in DC. So it wasn't how long time and then today's the you know Official Movement on it and then it goes to the House floor He'll be impeached. I I think with no Republican votes and then the end result is going to be the Senate and the big thing in the Senate. Dave is pretty simple You you know. Are they going to fast or are they going to drag it out the president by the way sort of wants a drug out believe it or not the the president actually actually is He was saying last week or tweeting last week. I guess is the best way to describe it that he wanted a fast result in the Senate On the other hand I think on some days he wants to be he wants to get into bringing into Biden's and anybody else he thinks might Might come in for some embarrassment harassment or something What's the current reading here of what he wants holidays? Everybody's talking about bringing in the binds. But the Biden's have no relevance whatsoever. Let let's hypothetically I just wanted to stress hypothetically ear so nobody listening Kinda goes wild on you. Let's say hypothetically that Hunter Biden was wrong in everything he did in the Ukraine. Everything Shouldn't have been there shouldn't have even pointed to the Ukraine on the map. Hypothetically hypothetically okay. That's still raises the question though does the president of the United States have the right or the ability. Eighty to bring up. You know This in a conversation with another foreign president and the suspicion of linking it to foreign eight so no matter what Biden would have done or not did not do. It has no relevance relevancy to the call it doesn't And it shouldn't so I don't see the benefit of bringing hunter Biden in there except politically to damage joe by. Yeah I I guess. I'm GonNa play the devil's advocate. Take a little bit with you just for a moment. And you're a former Republican member of Congress and I'm somebody who's listeners occasionally keeps me of being too liberal at is kind of ironic here. Yeah but I'm I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa push the defend trump here. Well I'm going to push the baby the Jim Jordan Doug Collins Line here for moment And and and it would be like this. Yes That that if hundred did do something worthy of investigating And did something wrong. And and and the president of the United States is as head of the executive branch which doesn't include law enforcement calls up An another you know the head of another country and says hey we have this investigation instigation. Do we want to launch into ex Can you help us out with our investigation of ex The Collins Jordan at center reliance seems to be. That's it's quite all right but see. There's the problem I think is that if in fact that was a scenario With with Hunter Biden. Then I think that the State Department would have every right to be able to mention this that it should be looked at and mentioned it to the president isn't of Ukraine's Top staff our State Department should be able to mention it. As long as there's no tie to foreign aid I I'll and I'll give you the best example in the world I have been on. I know thirty congressional trips. Where at least on those rose thirty trips somebody from the congressional Side Democrat and Republican have mentioned to foreign and leaders and everything else under the sun that you know we have interest. If you continue to do this we may look at Not supporting supporting. You have interest how what where do you stand on Israel. Where do you stand on Cuba? Where did you know so I've seen that one hundred times happened? I think that the the State Department could have done it. I think the president himself. It's off color for him to do it now. The big question is did he tie a quid pro quo. Can they prove that to To cutting foreign aid. That's that's just the the question I think out there that to resolve in their mind. Yeah I I I think that that really is a key question here and I also think I mean I. It has been pretty while resolved in my own. Mind I I I'm not I'm not letting the president off the hook here and I don't want people to think that I am all of a sudden doing that because I mean if you think about this imagine if there were actually a legitimate investigation of some. US person that encompassed another country. This would never rise to the level of any part of a conversation between the two presidents of the United States in that country it would be handled maybe by the FBI may by You know if it were drug a drug thing. Da Va would be doing something You know right or you know maybe by the State Department of involved. You know some kind of counterintelligence thing I mean there's there's just so many levels That you would be handling this way below where the president right Operates it it just it. It is It's a mind. Boggling jumped up to think that all of a sudden the United States the president of the United States is going to get on the phone and ask for an investigation of somebody who got a cushy sinecure job I mean that's just That that is just not even really in the room. So I think they know the answer is was there a quid pro quo. I and they haven't been able to establish it look. I think the call was uncalled for. I don't think the president should have mentioned anything. Yeah about his opponent on the call but they still don't have the nailed down where somebody says. The president ordered me to cut the foreign aid. I think it was our that. The president is why I told them no quid pro quo. He said that to protect themselves. You know but but the question remains you know. I mean people believe it's a quid pro quo. Can they prove it's a quid pro quo. Now they had the president under oath That's a whole different world. Because that's what happened to bill. Clinton he got he got under oath. You know that's true at the time but he did know that that is true and then the failure to get the president under oath I think was a key. Failing on the part of the investigation from our. That's where that's where it should have happened And I and I do I wanna I do WanNa roll the clock back. Speak at all that because You know it's not that back that far but let's think back to the phrase individual one for a moment and we've and refresh us on on on what that was you mean with the The Michael Michael Cohen Michael Cohen ends up urban jail. The Guy He's allegedly conspiring with is the president of the United States. Right and individual one. Yes yes I I still can't understand why the Democrats I mean. I mean if you think if you think this one's a little thin this phone call to the president of Ukraine is a little thin individual one I think in terms of actual You know a real criminal nexus here is is. It's thicker isn't it. I do too. I think they had more to hang on the other thing too now. This is a pure political debate of what I'm about to say but I I oh I think the democratic side should have done everything under the sun in this impeachment. Everything under the sun to drag Rudy Giuliani to the table publicly. Everything and they didn't and I know they didn't It's because they didn't want to go into twenty twenty rudy would've fought it. They would've had to go to court battles. They didn't WanNa go into twenty twenty. You know with all of this out there but I think Rudy Giuliani could have led to you know. Who did he talk to on? Whose behalf would did he talk to anybody about the foreign aid did he talk to anybody in Ukraine about foreign aid? I mean I think that could could have been. I don't know I'm not saying that's the outcome. It would've been by surely think that Rudy Giuliani would have been a treasure trove of information rudy. Giuliani would have been and a lot of would've showed good. Is I'll tell you this whole connects. Well we'll have to let the historians deal with that. We got to at the end of the show here on this Friday morning. Bob Many thanks so much for joining me this morning. I have a great weekend. You that's about it for the day Graham show here. WD FM and am tune in Monday. Morning we're going to have. Mary Powell the outgoing.

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