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Minutes away now from first pitch between the Red Sea and Dodgers game to of what will be a three game series. And with all the play by play, here's Tommy thrown. Well, thank you. Yet the Empire's sounded home plate right now, saying a little pre game prayer as the Dodgers take the field. Behind Walker Bueller. Here's how the Red legs will line up a Gance Bueller and the Dodgers today, Red snapped there. Skip last night, find them Selves to games under 500 at 10 and 12, currently tied for fourth in the National League Central, three games back of the first place brewers leading things off and left field. It's Jesse Winker, Nick Cost. Deano Citizen right field. He bats second. Getting third it first base. Joe leave Otto, batting fourth at third base and back off the injured list. Mike Moose, Takis Tyler Nay Quinn will play center field and bad fifth, batting six That second base at Alex Blandino Tucker Barn Heart will catch and hits. Evans batting eight to shortstop Kyle Farmer and Jeff Hoffman starts on the mound for the Reds and bats ninth. Now for Dave Roberts Dodgers, the def ending world champions here, 15 and eight currently in a tie for first place in the National League West Division, with the 2.5 half game lead that they share with the Giants. Over the San Diego Padres. The right fielder Muecke bets leads things off. Then it's the SEC Unde basement or rather short stop. Corey Seager, hitting second, just in Turner's had third base. Batting third. Max Muncy it first base bats fourth, hitting fifth and catching Will Smith. Kris Taylor's and center field, batting sixth. Adding seventh, the second basement Gavin Lux. That baby is in left field, Hitting a thing and the picture. Walker Bueller, bats ninth. The umpires behind the plate ain't tell her Nan Dez Lance Barksdale Zit first base to sure. Water it second and Ted Barrett. The crew chief is a third with the cowboy Jeff Brantley. I'm Tommy Thrown Cowboy Walker Bueller. He's fun to watch when he's not pitching against the team you're there to watch for. You're gonna see a lot of fast balls. His stuff is a little trick. He's not unhittable. You can. You can put the ball in play. He will give up a home run every now and then. Most of time. He's out there and six or seven innings, and he's going to give up a couple of runs. And you better hope that you score. More than they do. It's Jessie Link her to lead things off First Ball swinging. He Rockets one deep right center, gone one pitch one homer. That's a 12 game hitting streak for Jesse Winker. On his sixth home run of the year. One Nothing Reds.

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