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Snow man in is actually the seventh book in the series charting the troubled career of all this brilliant but troubled detective played hit by the excellent michael suspend the film picks up the story during norway's hunt fritz first serial killer in this preview of today's edition at the cinema show monaco's ben ryan sits down with the film's director thomas alfredson i tried to avoid films in general i don't watch a lot of films and especially from a professional point of view i try to find inspiration from other things but i'm swedish and the film is set in norway and for me it was what's typically norwegian and what is there pilots and how does things look there and even if foreigners or people from the rest of the word think that the scandinavian countries are the same thing it's for us swedes norway is we don't know exactly how things look or what's typically norwegian it's as exotic as it might be for you so for me it was really interesting to try to get into the norwegian dna of aesthetics and light and sound smells and food and what have you forest swedish filmaker than at what are the steps that you take to try and get into that sort of mind said because i think another interesting factor about the film is that it has a very interesting sense of place and of course the city of oslo runs very very rich through all of the books as well how did you get yourself into the sort of pallid will you felt comfortable creating your image on the screen while i spend a lot of time just walking so i went there many many times just walking around.

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