Kentucky Supreme Court, Suzanne Duval, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


No. On the classified briefing. The answer's yes, Crassly added. The General Services Administration should follow, the president said during the 2000 Bush Gore transition. So far, the GSC has not recognized by it in as the president elect and President Trump has still not conceded and as delicate Terra ABC NEWS Washington The Georgia recount process starting today in a training session, Georgia elections division director Chris Harvey telling Count County workers to remain focused in mind through all the stuff. What we're doing is relatively simple. We're counting votes and counting pieces of paper were identifying both counting pieces of paper. Don't lose that concept. Hand counting five million ballots. You're listening to ABC news. This'd news radio. Wait. 40 w h A s your news now. Good afternoon. I'm Suzanne Duval News radio 8 40. Wh A. Yes Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled Governor Andy Beshear does have the power to issue emergency covert 19 orders. The court says Bashir acted within his powers when issuing the orders when the pandemic first started, Attorney General Daniel Cameron had filed a brief challenging the orders in September. In July of Boone County Circuit Court Judge decided Bashir overstepped Two bridges that connect Kentucky and neighboring Cincinnati, Ohio are closed. The Brent Spence Bridge closed after a fiery crash yesterday. Covington police closed the Roebling suspension bridge after too many semi trucks used it as an alternative route. Disobeying wait rules on the structure. It's time for Kentucky driver's to look out for deer on the road. The state's Department of Fish and Wildlife Resource is says it's breeding season that, along with hunting season sends dear on the move. Your next update. Is it three? I'm Suzanne Duval News radio 8 40. Wh A. Yes, Here's your chance to win $1000.

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