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Joined with our local counterparts to fight criminal gangs. Today's arrests signal that we will continue to pursue street gangs until families in every southern California neighborhood. It leads safe, and peaceful LA. Yeah are cases have included indictments that dismantled. The leadership council of MS thirteen we targeted drug trafficking operations inside the LA county jails that were controlled by the Mexican mafia. Okay. Now that last part is kind of interesting. Yeah. Inside of the LA county jails. So that of course, made me wonder, what did these people actually get arrested for these soldiers? They were arrested, according to KTLA they were arrested in a scheme to deliberately get themselves arrested to smuggle drugs and syringes hidden in their bodies into San Bernardino county jails. Okay. So first of all, oh my God. Ill. Second of all out. I don't quite understand how they got the syringes in there, I suppose that that meant they pack them really like with do you do like the bubble packaging? But that makes it really, bulky. So it does wonder where exactly are you putting it and number three? Can we all just say as much as I'm glad that these people are now behind bars, and I hope they rot in prison. That's kinda committed right? This little committed. You're literally stuffing your body filled with drugs and syringes and then deliberately getting arrested. So you can go into the jail. I want that kind of attitude on my staff here in Seattle. Because I can't get my producer to pull audio. I want some sometimes I want him to pull it the right way. And it gives me this way. It's going gonna be better in charge. Won't you? Just listen to me, he can't even do that. And yet these dudes this smuggling drugs and syringes getting themselves arrested on purpose. Here's acting chief. Eric McGriff McBride of the San Bernardino, PD violence and distribution.

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