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That the mitigation measures in place to stay at home order the social distancing on the hygiene practices are starting to pay off that's Louisiana governor John bel Edwards looking up the curve of cases and his hard hit state and there's a broader view now across the US with new modeling over the next several weeks to months that shows fewer deaths from cold a virus and with the White House suggested earlier even less than that one hundred thousand mark perhaps in our need to get away from top U. S. Dr Anthony Fauci who says Americans might be able to take summer vacations if these current mitigation strategies continue top local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. B. depend on it Georgia health officials say we are on the cusp of hitting eleven thousand confirmed cases of cove it nineteen or death toll right now stands at four twelve word came earlier today meanwhile Georgia secretary of state has pushed back the primary a second time now to June at night there previously been delayed out of March to may nineteenth starting tomorrow martyrs putting into action a big distribution of protection for its employees the beginning of handing out of a quarter million masks to workers who cannot work from home on top of that market will give any of its workers affected by covert nineteen up to eighty additional hours of emergency paid sick time pretty nice moment here in New York hospital today cheers from his colleagues after Dr Paul Saunders returned to me monitise Medical Center in Brooklyn New York recovered after contracting covert nineteen Dr Saunders back on the floor making his rounds treating the sickest corona virus patients you're very much expected on this but thank you all for coming to working for working so hard all the time so all three shared by everybody but thank you very much a vascular surgeon Dr Saunders is trained in a specialized blood filtering procedure that's the last best chance for severely ill patients Dave Packer ABC news WSB is time is eleven oh three what is tomorrow for land is morning news get Clark Howard device what to do about canceled flights and navigating it unemployment systems train passed the limit we start today with ninety five point five WSP attorney.

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