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For what if meg ryan was in it no she won't be in it either it would be perfect if she wants good if she showed up maybe they'll be something but val kilmer in it coming back we love glen powell he's her new boyfriend since he chatted with a solon the only reason that tom cruise might go for miles teller is because mile has his douchebag reputation and tom cruise will wanna recruit for scientology while this is true no and no i'm kidding i'm not even kidding i know i believe you so don't be surprised if it's miles teller caceres an chance in hell he can recruit glen powell now he came to the sag awards with his mom and his dad and his brothers from texas there's no way he's going zeno but miles teller he could possibly be a nncholas holt he doesn't do it for me never has he's not hot i mean if you know i kinda wanna be lusty after someone even though they're so young i want powell he's sexy and beautiful okay we'll see but i liked it the hollywood reporter has it narrowed down okay so this morning you know all the shows did a retrospective on joe jackson because that broke yesterday afternoon and just because he really was such a controversial figure in music yet at the same time people can argue with what this success accomplish i thought good morning america and abc had like the best okay.

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