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I wish I were here in California with me where it's nice and sunny this morning we're New Yorkers we'd rather be exactly if you're cases of krona virus. That's I think that's I think that's all that's the only card. We've got to play right now soon. So I if it's okay it stays in the beach you have all this produce and I can't go anywhere this weekend. Well Stacey Vanik Smith. Npr CORRESPONDENT CO host of the indicator podcast in planet. Money Quil Lawrence. Npr correspondent covering veterans. Issues thank you both for being here. We're going to talk more about corona virus and some other stuff But I I WanNa talk about a movie that may have been affected the biggest news story of this week Corona virus. I will play you a song from the movie. Guess what film I'm talking about. What kind of song is that sound like? This sounds like a heartbreak movie. I'm going to go Disney. At some animated thing we are way off. This is James. Bond theme doesn't sound bond in no is this like James Bond like exists. So this is the new billy. Bush Sung James Bond Fame. Really I like who I love. She's very mo Severi James Bond James Bond like going through. Something now is this like is this journey within like forget the villains outside now it's time to tackle the villains inside. The whole point of this thing is that His journey is delayed. Corona virus has led to several months delay of the new James Bond Movie. So this Billy James. Bond theme came out a few weeks ago. Anticipation of the film's release on April tenth. But now that krona virus has become a thing all across the country. They've pushed this movie back to November twenty fifth. Oh Wow yeah like several months so now. There's this new bond theme with no movie to Go with it Daniel Craig who is James Bond. He's on SNL This weekend. Going there to promote this movie. That has now delayed by six months. That's always nice to see Daniel. Craig I will say it is so crazy to see how krona virus day by day is affecting literally. It seems every part of our waking lives. Arrange a friend of mine on the platform this morning kissed on the cheek and we both recoiled really. No one will shake hands. They're doing this weird elbow bump which I you know. I miss shaking hands and hugging. I don't it's been great. It's been liberating. Don't touch me. Stranger anyway. Speaking of grown virus. We're going to start the show as we always do. Having my panelist Share their week of news in only three words Stacey yes I already have a spoiler. I know that your three words are about corona virus but there are about a kind of unique twist in this corona virus story. Tell US CORONA VIRUS PANIC BUYING CORONA VIRUS. Panic buying okay. What are you talking about? These are products that people have been buying in order to prepare themselves for the corona virus products that have seen the big spike in business as a result of people reacting to all the news about Corona Virus Rona Bump. The current about what products have experienced a corona bump? Well this is where things get. Kind of delightful. So they're kind of the obvious ones like Face masks have seen a huge gamble. One hundred seventy nine percents This is data from Nielsen hand. Sanitizer thermometers cleaning products. Things like that. In fact I talked to To men in Brooklyn they own a little consulting firm and Sort of on a Lark. For years ago they developed this product. One of the men this man. Andrew Kessler had been to Asia. And he noticed that people were face masks when they were sick and thought he wanted to design facemask. People could wear. That would look like a face mask so we designed this scarf called the scoff which is a smash scarf and cough it see. It looks like a scarf. But there's a pocket and you slide this very powerful air filter in anyway it was. They would get like a dozen orders A week or so. Now they're site is like crashed and so Andrew Kessler and Robbie. Patrick are like completely out of everything. I have a clip to play. We can't even keep up with that volume. We're just not designed. We are not three am friends and family contacting you and be like hey. Don't you make products? Yeah I've turned some of my beloved family away and fueled family members. You've had to be like I'm so sorry it's not happening. No it's more like mom you'll be you'll be okay dark it's crazy to hear you say that the weirdest stuff is seen an uptick right now like you were telling me this week that the work websites slack and zoom or seeing as well. I think it's a lot of people preparing to work from home. So that's gotten a big bump then like Costco and all these supermarkets have talked about the things that are selling out from their shelves. Now this is where things are. Kind of funny Oat Milk has seemed like a giant spike in demand. Why oat milk I think because it keeps time and fruit snacks. I know it makes me love America a lot. There's a pandemic coming all this crazy politics and like what do we do buy. We buy face masks and fruit snacks. You know like we might wash our hands but will make sure by everything. We can like fruit. Snacks dried beans energy drinks. Pretzels and supplements these are things have been released selling. Well does this kind of kind of makes you. Does it make sense to me? I don't know how serious I'm not normally that alarmist but we are kind of an uncharted territory. I guess I don't know I'm just digging. Like grocery delivery. Services are going to make a killing. But they'll keep delivering my question with this. You know it's like on the one hand. Stacey you have these examples of these businesses and products doing really well in a corona virus economy. Yes but big picture. The market's been falling all week. Oh I mean it's terrible for the economy because the global supply chain is so linked in with China. I mean so many companies have parts made in China get raw materials from China use Labor from China that this is an or sell a lot of things to China. So this is this is really hurting global demand all these companies from apple to Nike. Have come out saying that. Their sales are going to go down. They're not going to be able to get products out in fact the makers of scoff actually can't make more scoffs because part of their filter come an ingredient in their filter comes from China and they can't get it. I'M GONNA so you're saying that. Even some products that are experiencing a corona bump. They'll still be hurt because they rely on their product supply chain. Yeah yeah you know like such a huge part of our economy? Is The service sector. That's like one of the biggest areas of growth. And you know like you were saying with James Bond. Movie people are going to movies less. They're going out to eat less. They're staying home more. You know that's hard on a lot of businesses is campbell soup like doing really well I imagine they are. I mean the according to the Nielsen. Data dried beans. I'd beans I don't know lightweight lightweight stacey has a pump of sanitizer in the studio. I so I did buy some hand sanitizer. But only I could find was this peppermint and citrus God. No that ends GIN and tonic. Well okay maybe you got me there. It actually does it. Smells like GIN and tonic. Gin and tonic for the record does not work as hand. Sanitizer yes listeners. You should know were. You're listening to it's been a minute from NPR. The show where we catch up on the week that was I'm Sam. Sanders joined by two guests in Studio in New York. This week quil Lawrence. Npr correspondent covering veterans issues and Stacey Vanik Smith NPR correspondent and Co host of the indicator podcast from planet. Money all about the economy quilt. I WanNa ask you for your three words. They are about Story that should have been a lot bigger in this last two weeks. But I think corona virus and other stuff on the coveted up my three words and I think you'll allow hyphens and contractions. You're cheating I would say my three words are pull out and declare victory. Yes as in just leave and then say we want to well. Afghanistan and the news headline here is at Gosh almost two weeks ago now. The trump administration announced that eventually all American troops in Afghanistan.

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