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We're, we're not ready to do it then a couple of weeks ago when we had a couple of incidents. He said, call me, you know, he gave out his phone numbers at call me imagine you're in a relationship a business relationship, a family relationship. Integration ship, and you have a commitment with someone. And that's the person walks out on the commitment and not only walks out insults. You threatens you hurt. You threatens your allies and tries to steal all the money out of your Bank account, and then they say, call me come for dinner. Yeah. I mean, do you think the United States, the President Trump wants a military confrontation with the rum? I don't think the president has a strategic bone in his body. And so I think they're days when he said, no, I don't wanna get tangled up in a war in the Middle East, and then they're going to be other days when he says, I need to hit back. I just, I there's nothing in this presidencies that suggested me through curvier that suggests strategy. I think he's all season himself a counterpuncher it goes with the gut. I don't think he has a plan. I think there are other people in the administration who have a plan, you know, the national security adviser, and the secretary of state have called for regime change in the past. So I think you know. Anything could happen on any given day. And, but the general trend is towards accidental or intentional war in, you know this part of the world, very well on the chances of this happening happening accidentally some kind of confrontation. Well, what happens is something happens. And then each side feels compelled to respond to save face or each side feels well if I take it up a notch the other side will back down and some ways President Trump sort of encourage the Iranians to have that view because when this whole thing went down again two weeks ago, he sort of caved, sorta rushed to say, oh, I want to talk. I wanna talk well what did the how do they think about that? They probably thought any of this guy's a softy, and then they do something, and then you're off to the races. So that's why it's so dangerous Jamal's here. Now security analysts with the security studies program at MIT. Nice to have you here. Good to be with you to Europe now where the rise of populism is changing the political landscape across the continent, most far right? Parties are still minor player. In policymaking, but that is not the case in Austria, the far right freedom. Party shared power with conservatives until a scandal brought down the government last month as Joanna kakissis reports. The party is still popular and could make a comeback. When the government smell last month some of the loudest cheers at a celebration in Vienna. Came from Carlita coats on who's part of a group called granny's against the right. We are all older women, and we all experienced different time, an open society. She says that open society changed in late twenty seventeen. When the conservatives invited the far right Freedom Party into government. This gave licensed hateful values radicalism, and antisemitism and racist society in general. It's all moved more to the right and even more to the extreme rides. She leads the crowd in a song about granny's fighting wolves the war is not won. She worries the far right will return after elections. This September despite a recent scandal involving former Freedom Party leader Heinz, Christian Straka. He was forced to resign vice chancellor last month after a twenty seventeen video of him on a Spanish island surfaced. In the video, he seems to be making Lucy deals with a Russian woman, hosing is the niece of an oligarch close to the Kremlin. The tape was a trap and it brought down the government, the scandal shook up the Freedom Party's leadership, but not its affinity for Russia at the nineteen th century era imperial cafe longtime party member Johan is Hubner explains. The worldview, who's an interest to have a balanced worldwide network of allies to be a US colony. The thing is in Europe. There is overwhelming US influence through NATO through the control of the financial system through the media's sued.

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