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With gene grad kelly. We talked about a lot last year and some predictions. Unfortunately they were correct. Cova caused damage and a lot of ways and twenty twenty. One of them is with drug overdoses. A cbs news reports that ninety three thousand americans died of drug. Od's last year. That's twenty one thousand more than the previous high experts say that lockdown for further isolated people dealing with addiction mental issues and coronavirus restrictions. Made it harder to get treatment There's a sociologist. Shannon manatt at syracuse university. Says there's no evidence that drug use actually increase last year. She says these were the two problems. According to her the increased presence of sentinel in the drug supply not just an opioids and eviction moratorium and increased unemployment benefits left addicts with more money. To buy drugs experts say the proliferation of fennel means that overdose. Deaths probably won't drop this year either finals evil and I guess it comes in from mexico. And i guess they set up chinese labs there and it's all weird. I don't know. I always feel weird that we're living. You got hold of me. One thousand nine hundred eighty five. You wouldn't what is life like in two thousand and twenty one. Utopia cars out of problems now. Mexico and deals and fen hall and people living in the apartment is not criminals. Your average drug user. That has an addiction problem. They're not themselves detrimental to society. There victim themselves. I feel bad for them near the somebody who's a drug addict who has problems. It's causing strain on their family and they just taking you know something that they shouldn't be taking but again because it's black market and now they're they're dying from these choices which again they're not choices but at the same time that's like you know if if randomly people just died cheeseburger. This shouldn't eat instantly. And i was like well Let's still like you know. It's bad. But i feel the crime definitely. Is it worse than the punishment. Yeah ever everyone's dying with the fenella their they're bootlegging all this stuff and they're they're branding it and we can't tell what the real the fake bills. That's what happened to the one guy. He gave his daughter. She had a headache gave her one of these pain pills. He thought was a regular that he had bought a script. From somebody. type thing you know. This came from a pharmacy. I'm just someone told me the script and they're actually bootleg pain pills so it killed his daughter. Yeah live with the rest of your life. Also just you know. It's just a weird. I always think about people who are in the business like what are you do. I make bootleg pharmaceuticals lab in mexico. It's like i don't know you wonder like where's the humanity in it. I'm not saying everyone should be mother theresa but like at a certain do know what the fuck of my doing well. Yes in a few years ago in kansas city and my my mom knew the story very well. I only heard of it recently from a podcast that there was a pharmacist at this next to the hospital in kansas city. And for whatever reason. I think it ended up obviously being money. Related was giving a chemo to cancer patients. Only a third full and the rest would like water in it or something and they couldn't figure out why none of these cancer patients were having side effects. Thought it was a miracle they they stumbled upon this new. You know chemo mixture. that doesn't give you side effects. Will they weren't getting treatment. They all i on it i. I'm in the middle of the podcast related. He was getting money Yeah pretty fucking crazy. So the next guy. But the idea that i'm directly causing misery index cancer patients. I like my kids in private school too but at a certain point i gotta go to sleep exactly scam your insurance company after the me. Itn's you know they have the categories comedy and scripted and whatever they should just have one called freaking out the bitches all true crime unsolved true crime in the skies cancer tree. My undergoing chemo tree. Oh my god next time you better sniff that shit ballots tongue its right. We all know that that's what it's called just as small as we haven't heard that name in a while maintained his innocence on his way to court wednesday. Yesterday's you hear this in chicago where he faces renewed charges over the alleged twenty nine thousand nine hate crime. Incident small told fox news. I know he's innocent. While entering will twenty twenty fiddles Referring to the proceedings as a dog and pony show he was charged again with six counts of felony misconduct for allegedly lying to police about a racist homophobic attack. He claims perpetrated against him. He arrived in court. Judge is going to hear both sides probably hear something by tomorrow. I'm sure mark has thoughts. I should i. I wanna talk them later today. That'd be great. I should ask him about that as far as homophobic attacks. I know the guys walk a little differently. But how can we really hell that. It's a homophobic attack. You know what. I mean like the racist attack talk. That's a black guy. Will we need market or we need to gave as saying you aren't here for that was a racist homophobic attack. But you just. It's a racist attack. I mean if it is it's a hoax but the point is is you. Don't you guy was gay. That's true i can tell. They figured out. It was like bonus on top of my racial crime. We're living in a good time when there's more racial hoaxes and there are actual racial crime so goodness and as we record this i mean. It's it's quitting time in chicago so they have to know something by now. I would think yeah. The tokyo olympics will look different in a lotta ways not just no spectators which we already knew the international olympic committee president. Thomas bach said there will be no handshaking and there will be no hugs. Bach also added that the metals. You win you have to put around your own neck. No pop no fanfare..

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