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Does he do any like motivational speaking or like youtube videos or anything like that? Because I will buy whatever that man is selling. He doesn't but he he definitely should and but he he's like that. He's been like that. My whole life ever since I can remember doing football baseball wrestling growing up is has a way of. Motivating in a very. All athletes handle it but motivating your way to to make you WanNa do it whether you get pissed at him or not. In Lot of times. That's where my I'll get arguments all the time and We actually got into it. A. Day Away in about our happy for weigh INS. We had a little. Disagreement he came into the room. And Cameron and I'm cutting weight and I'm hitting pads. I had so much energy had energy, but I was hitting pads to cut weight. In this morning of waves and He comes in the room and he's got his video on his talking to a buddy or something and I'm just a complete. Dick about I was like. What are you doing? Turn that off trinet video. And was in that zone and it clicks for him to, and he's like what. You know he went off. He went ops. Lie went off and we got in each other's faces in like it was a pretty intense moment and then. We. Almost went down? It would never hit me, but that's just an intense moment in then. He left the room and. Came back about a minute and a half later. Okay, let's work. Let's work and I. had some the best pat rounds ever right there, so it's just little stuff like that. Where we get in arguments, they'll say something to Piss me off, but it's almost purposeful and has a meaning behind. He has meaning behind it, and it gets me fired up every time. He's my whole life. sometimes I don't like it, but. That's our relationship. It sounds like you guys have an amazing bond. It's almost like like your father and son, but you're also like brothers to in a way. Yeah Yeah, yeah! You were in the news everywhere on Saturday, because what you did before the fight in after the fight. You're on CNN I. Mean you are all over the place? in the intro Bruce Buffer was was announcing you drop to a knee, and you raise your fist in the air, and then after the fire you stood next to the rest of your team, and you guys collectively raise your fists in the air once again, and it's obviously a very crazy time in. In the world, and in the country has been all year with Kobe, and now with the injustice going on in the wake of George, Floyd's death Minneapolis thanks to members of the police department, not doing what they said they would do when they took their oath to the position. I know you weren't part of the Virtual Media Day on Thursday. You didn't get a chance to speak with the media after the fight either because you went to the hospital first off. How important was it for you to choose those moments to make your first real statements about what's going on in the country and second? Did you expect it to spread as much as it did I chose to do it. Just it felt like the right thing to do. And I had a fight to focus on when you kind of all this stuff was started to go down and so I wasn't able to be as active as I wanted to be to let my voice be heard, I can protest as much and stuff like that and really dig into I the fight coming up so I knew I would have an opportunity when my. My name would be announced one person that that was going to do it in even think whether it was going to be a big deal or not. If people are going to get mad or or that, it would be some kind of news deal. just something that I I knew I could. That's how I could show my support in for the people that feel like they don't have a voice right now. That's black, white or other. So it was. It was just one of the things I felt like I had to do it. I know John Jones. Your team may was out taken spray cans away from people trying to analyze downtown albuquerque, and then you know. He took the next day to try to rebuild the community. He was out with talking to the police and all that stuff. You know when you see John out there doing what he was doing. He's obviously one of the biggest names in the sport. That's got to feel good for you knowing that one of your teammates and he's trying to get out there and do his best work as well. Oh yeah, definitely proud of them, and I was actually with him. Both those times so Sunday night. Actually. Video. Okay, so yeah, that Sunday night we went out and. There's not a whole lot of black people in Albuquerque in. Part of the causes. The whole causes is stand effort for black people and. that. Don't get treated fairly sometime. and I was driving through downtown or near downtown. I call jobs like man. There's not really any black down. We should come down to represent. Both aside, he's at come. Pick me up, so we went down there to show support and we got down there, and there was a lot of negative things going on, and we we didn't like that. And John Stepped up and took those cans, and it was pretty cool to watch and You know because it could have been a dangerous situation for us, but it was..

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