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Turnpike yeah getting by Newton corner otherwise it's okay out into Natick miking with WBZ's traffic on the three okay Michael check back in ten minutes tonight partly cloudy in the teens Wednesday sunny high thirty six tomorrow night clear low twenty seven so warming up little by little day by day Thursday back into the forties was son that looks like the pick of the week Friday pretty much a repeat of Thursday may be a little bit cooler little bit cloudy here and then the question mark is a weekend storm again the frequent pattern of a Saturday nine into Sunday rain along the coast no one sleet mixed in land sound familiar highs thirty five to forty and right now in Boston it's twenty four degrees under a milky sunny sky governor Baker tonight will highlight his a comp accomplishment statewide also discussed some of the challenges ahead it's time for the annual state of the state address the booming economy of Boston at times can be a complicated story jobs abounded people were certainly making money however the cost of housing is through the roof just one part of a complicated story governor Baker's addressing tonight also the issue of transportation all morning sift through Twitter and Facebook feeds are frustrated commuters will give you a preview of the challenges the MBTA is facing on a daily basis and the solutions cost money something that also needs to be figured out what the nine hundred million dollar budget gap the state is facing in the next fiscal year which begins on July first governor Baker will address a joint session of the house and Senate at seven o'clock tonight outside the state house Jim McKay WBZ Boston's newsradio Bernie Sanders has a razor thin lead among democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire the Suffolk university poll out today gives the Vermont Democrat sixteen percent support that's one point ahead of former vice president Joe Biden former south bend Indiana mayor people to judges and third with twelve percent senator Liz Warren comes in fourth in New Hampshire with ten percent and in Texas the two major parties are fighting tooth and nail for control of the second biggest price on the electoral college map evidence of the pitched battle for Texas can be found in the latest report from the secretary of state's office which has nearly two million more voters on its rules than it did during the last presidential election cycle voter registration is outpacing the state's population growth with both parties out actively signing up new participants the result is that for the first time ever more than sixteen million Texans are registered to take part in the March third primaries Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas three oh eight we are in the red today wonder what's going on and how bad it is we've got the answers with Andrew J. over Bloomberg high enter hi Laurie cautions award for Wall Street this afternoon as markets across the world.

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