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There's two ways by the time that was two 18 Graphic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks over to rich honor in the WTO traffic center All right traveling in Maryland for now grid ride on two 70 south from Frederick Downton bell by no incidents in your way However still dealing with the incident on the eastbound lanes of the mayor of Maryland 200 the inner county connector east of shady grove road exit between your mom marker four Right near the redland road overpass again traffic squeezing by single file left using the left shoulder past some sort of debris spill never got any clue as to what that debris was but again for safety they are keeping everyone over on the far left shoulder to get around that incident Westbound traffic not affected on Maryland €200 in good shape headed toward two 70 no worries there Now if you're traveling on I 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway boasting good shape getting down to the capitol bellway No incidents anyway Parkway was also moving well inside the beltway Nothing reported in your way as of late to slow you down there Southbound two ten and fort Washington south of swan creek road toward old fort road south you were getting by the emergency work single file to the left no complaints of any delays as of late Nord found two ten not affected you were in good shape headed up toward the beltway and Knox and hill also working on northbound Connecticut avenue between manor road and Jones bridge road over in Chevy Chase single left lane to that work New Hampshire avenue between powder mill road and overlook drive down a single left lane blocked in each direction as of late no reported delay and that works on rich on our W two traffic We were looking at some really nice weather as we make our way through the next couple of days First off our Tuesday high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s Wednesday more of the same upper 60s to around 70° some areas even.

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