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Think that was said again again. People onsite reinvented the wheel too much. You know i don't mind. Cyborg makes it to the justice league but make sure using the titans. I by now make sure your friends because otherwise so lonely. Because he's too cool for the justice. League i mean. The people justly like older than him. It'd be hard to make friends exactly has. But he's like yeah. I'm not going to lose cena. Makalu pick to like my rest of my family and fix. We're not going to make sure that then fire hawk has back zealand thumbs. Like why did you tack could work. The other Was this. I think it's it's her. Mother died on on our on our. There's only trusting the future of our planet that children killed but apparently killer vetoed kind of person who see cole and r. Joey kinda makeup then donnas trying to talk to dick He's like i keep screwing things up our. Aren't i get screwed. That's classic line live on. That sounds wrong. But you know what i mean. You an answer for everything. I'm told that's what dawn do Receive the doom patrol trying to get a permit modest. We'll asking for a sign and whatever it is they do. I was a little bit confused with what they're doing. But somehow it send out Sent out a signal on remedium bandwidth the against they can trace it because okazaki gore says something must damage. His power cells is permit. Theme is leaking out so up on the everybody's running out has like the flying biking. He's still patrol. Does it do. Oh okay right yeah. It was their jobs. So they bust in. Get cyborg Guard does start. Firing up woman from the doom patrol. Basically like you know. Both talking about killing lasted each other. bag concerns that she's about to blast for in night wing sees it and he jumps up saves her he gets hit instead of all mad at her but she says i'm not going to become you. Basically just hits her in the face with a flint you know she are powered up fest but yet. She says she's still not gonna kill her when she realizes like this killing. Maybe not the best. Because this person that i love is like i couldn't kill i couldn't i-love-you and of course we the kiss. And the buckshot tone. There's a lot of shelton what's more romantic than a buckshot saw. I love you. And they haven't recorded taller. Gay spoofs tweet. I know but not everybody does so always gratifying when they get it right But do patrol not giving might wing like the voice said one side lives one size and put them we. Cyborg comes out now. We all have something leaves us by taking over. Listen to me. Nobody dies on. Don't listen in Lab and all your stuff you built. Take you back home. i'll see to it. It goes boom and sixty seconds Signed works as as wicky guys long enough to know. You're not the bad guys. Want to save your. You want to save your people's lives so do we I guess they come to some kind of control. Members convinced the older one. Yeah let's trust other people But he like. I love by moments like everyone but if we don't kill each other what's mystery big bad gonna do then birthing start shaking and do patrol disappears That's like joey point up at the sky what's go white wise early. When star in the sky guard who care back on earth all of you sky. I love you ground. But then there's this kind of weird part where she says. This looks like earth but something feels wrong. So i'm not sure if it's that they are i mean they were on an alien planet but yeah i mean with all shaking and then the doom patrol disappeared. I on l. But but the most important thing is world together with the people we love it was like maybe they are back on this earth. Because donna's not with terry in. That was done one of these that she wasn't with Lumps yeah. I know both the any was like lightly weird. Yeah these mini series of ended on yet just like in the middle. You know it's like well knows. But here. I'm i'm gonna look like okay so digging. Gory their marital. Thank god worked out because we realized the okay. You're right. I should kill. Because that's how things go on her colon. Joey were out and vacant. Gar remains a couple but they were reunited fuel so good. Donna's like like she seems pretty happy but is it happy because they are on earth is going to see jerry soon or just happy. Because he's not of the dome though through a quick last the issue of the right of the convergence miniseries a bushel. I face to yeah. Oh of course house do you Finish in light wing story Yeah i mean. It's kind of a big. Us like at the end. The last issue the regular convergence miniseries issue eight. That's like i think the multi is like i pretty much. Everyone's restored to their place in the multi verse so that might have been them going home. Yeah i mean it feels interesting kind of odd that they don't confirm for sure whether they made it back there. Which is they want you to read the main series. I guess looking 'cause like they're shown a bunch of different characters in front of their but yeah. I don't think we see this titans team. But yeah so i like to believe and i think that the issue points to that like the regular convergence series that everyone pretty much got home so yeah i mean saying we're together with the people we love. It would make sense for them to be home. So donna could go back to terry because otherwise it's a crappy ending. Donna i guess they don't come out and say it is because they want you to again. Read the regular cigarettes. But they figure put these together to into.

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