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You're with us. Yes, finally released a thank you for debuting at number one. It's not about that for me. About what happens in 90 days. This is everything I'm saying. America the world on the brink, where they're gonna live free. We're gonna follow the path every form. It's been tried under every different name. You name it. I'm all chapter about the socialism. The history of failure. That's what's at stake. Either way, very excited. My first vote for president was for Ronald Reagan. His first term, was born in 1961 voted for Ronald Wilson. Reagan proudly followed his presidency can give you chapter and verse on it, but we had great events in the past. At the Reagan Library plans were You know the hardest thing for me about not being out on the road to do a lot of these events. Is that when I think about, okay, got to go. I get the Reagan library all to the Nixon library. I'm going to go to Salt Lake City. Going to see my buddy are Rod Arquette. We actually when I goto College, 40 it's in and out Burger, by the way, very proud of myself. I now have it when you call it. It's when you have it in lettuce for up. There's a name for it. I forget at an end. No animal styles. The onions have his whole code with this whole thing anyway, so I get that and now it's a little messy. When you eat something in a lettuce wrap, it actually is more refreshing than the bun. And I just don't need that much bread anymore. I just what? I'm out in California once a day, Double protein style double double protein style. That's it. Thank you very much. You're welcome. Double double. Protein style animal style. No, no animal style. I never said that in animals styles, the chopped onions that I like. If you don't mind I love it's like the clean ones in the question. It wasn't a question, but there were planning when we were going to go to Salt Lake City going to see my buddy Rod, our cat. And we were going to do the event from Crown Burger. I haven't had a crown burger in years. You can't imagine they put pastrami on this crown Burger. And I'm not a big, sweet tooth guy, but I, but they have the best shakes. I get an out burger that you watch them make the French fries at a real potatoes. And every day they clean the oil. I never forget my bad work a whole summer. At you know, like a concession stand. Remember doing that for a while? Ralf Park in Echo Park in Long Island. That one a few jobs. I don't mention because I didn't have it that long, And they've never changed the oil for the French fries. The whole suffers the same oil tear. It's actually really disgusting. I'm just telling you, I mean, you weren't supposed to. It's not like it was my job, and I didn't do it. It's just you weren't supposed to. Had worked in restaurants. They didn't change it as often as you think, but they change it every day, and it's like the cleanest place you'd ever want to go in the same with Crown Burger they put. Can you imagine pastrami? On a hamburger. It is so good. With their special whatever sauce so good. Amazing, but you know, we're proud of being able to do what we're doing Great event with the Reagan library tonight. We have an event tomorrow night that anybody conjoined by the way, it's free of charge enough to do anything. I also want to announce that you know, First of all, it's kind of exciting that now the book is in bookstores. Usually I was always given reports. Oh, yeah, handed a went in to get your book. It was buried all the way in the back of the store. Like a TTE the highest level. I'm like, really politics. But apparently a number of these stores of prominently displaying it, which were very happy about some fairness in life. Don't expect. AH, don't expect The New York Times Book Review on my book. They've never reviewed one of them. They only do it for the liberal friends. Um, we, you know, the other thing that works really Well, if you go on amazon dot com, as you can just download the E book Which a lot of people dio and the other thing is, you know for those people that are over the road drive, etcetera. I spend. I don't know what the final version come out. In terms of audio. I think it was almost 20 hours I spent And I didn't know that most authors don't read their own booked for the audio version. And I did it for two others. I didn't do it for the last book, but I did it for two others so much work, But I did it on one Saturday one Sunday just didn't stop started early in the morning, knocked it out 10 hours, the first aid almost 10 hours the next day. I'd like to know what happened all of the all of the lawbreaking. I think the evidence now is overwhelming, incontrovertible everything we told you starting with Hillary Clinton. And, of course, the email server scandal top secret classified information that's not even in dispute. On her computer, her secret server. And then, of course, subpoenaed emails, the lead ID and then clean the hard drive with bleach bitten in the hammers that all happened. It's country was dragged through the mud. Three solid long. Years of hell. And now we know that Trump Russia, collusion never happened. And they knew it didn't happen the whole time. Never mind, you know, not taking the warnings prior to even the first FISA application. Which was based almost, you know, Remember Bob of McCabe, said Andrew McCabe. Deputy FBI director Without the dirty Clinton bought and paid for Russian disinformation dossier. It's important because I thought the mob of the median Democrats cared about Russian interference. Hillary play paid for it. Now we know not only unverifiable, but the bunked. That was the bulk of information without which they would not have gotten. The FISA applications approved bulk of information used that against it. Sally Yates went before Lindsey Graham's Senate Judiciary Committee earlier today. And she signed one of those FISA applications based on remember, it says. It's it's literally says You know, verified at the top of the application. She signed it. That's her name. And we know what that means. Anyway, so watch how hard it was for Lyndsey Graham to get a simple Answer out of Sally Yates. Now remember Rod Rosenstein. He signed the third renewal warrant the fourth warrant. In total. There were four of them three months each. 90 days each. To take away the civil rights and constitutional liberties of Carter Page, but really, to spy on candidate Trump and as the attorney general Bill bars a deep into the Trump presidency. And Rod Rosenstein and admitted to Senator Graham's Judiciary Committee. That, in fact, knowing what he knows now absolutely wouldn't have signed it. And then that means that Bob Mueller would never have happened. And now we know but you know, they were warned before the first FISA application. We know that Comey lied when he went to Trump Tower and said, it's salaciousness on verified but months earlier He signed the FISA application that said, verified and we know that Cathleen Catholic and Bruce or warn them all not to sign it because Clinton paid for it. Christopher Steele hated Donald Trump and had an agenda. And none of it was verified that they used it anyway, because they hated Donald Trump. And they thought they knew better. And then you know, Comey, speaking both out of both sides of his face is always Anyway. Well, now that Rod Rosenstein says he never would have signed that FISA application again while he's trying to get the same answer out of Sally Yates. Listen, how long it takes to get to the truth. You signed that warrant application in October in January? Is that correct? It's running. No. And now no one. Then what you know now, would you sign that application? Senator, I would never signed any document.

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