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And in a highway work zone along route 28. The county's board of supervisors will vote on the pilot program in December. Stay with double DT op for more on these stories and just minutes. Campaign 2022 on WTO, you want to keep an eye on your mailbox particularly if you live in D.C., ballots are being mailed out this week across the city, and voters will elect candidates in a number of major races including the mayor. Proactively mailing ballots out is something that started in D.C. when the pandemic began. Those changes were very popular then and very convenient for voters and that's why we've still been using those same approaches for voters to cast their ballots. And this week, more than 500,000 ballots are being mailed out, one going to every registered voter in the city. Nick Jacobs with the D.C. board of elections says you can mail the ballot back or put it in a drop box, drop boxes will be opening on October 14th. And if you want to vote in person early in person voting in D.C. starts on October 31st, Nicole doubled your TLP news. And up ahead, in money news. 347 points, the slots are a little slower. I'm Jeff cable. It's 5 18. Doctor traffic and weather on the 8s Launched a Dave dildine in the WTO traffic. All right, Sean lots of traffic challenges today, leaving northwest D.C. on canal road traffic is stop and go past the chain bridge and into Maryland on the Clara Barton Parkway. There is a three car crash reported at the Macarthur boulevard Glen echo turnaround and very slow getting past it, not sure if you can continue out on the cantilevered part of Clara Barton Parkway or if you have your redirected up to Macarthur boulevard where traffic is also slow. Outbound toward Glenn echo. On the other side of the Potomac river, George Washington Parkway traffic is slow northbound from one 23 to the beltway and southbound into a work zone after the CIA employees only ramps. Route 7, westbound, your lewinsville road crash, I 66

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