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America in the morning back now at 14 after here's AccuWeather dot com, meteorologist Matt Benz. Unfortunately, we are talking about severe weather once again for today after what was a very busy yesterday afternoon through last night. Those storms will continue to move to the east here through this morning and into this afternoon and evening with another line of thunderstorms for this afternoon through this evening. The main risk for severe weather for today, the focus near a cold front that will be stretching from southern Wisconsin through Illinois and eastern Iowa, southward through Missouri, as well as Arkansas and Texas here for today, the main risk from these storms will come from damaging winds hail, even an isolated tornado cities that could see the risk for severe weather, including places like Chicago, St. Louis and Little Rock airport today, and everyone will need to be weather aware on top of that localized heavy rainfall can produce localized flooding as well with these storms. Farther to the north, a more wintry scene, rain across portions of central Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, but northern Minnesota into northern North Dakota into northern Montana. Snow through the day today, places across northern Minnesota could see up to a foot of snow through today tonight and tomorrow, so winter not done yet for that portion of the country. Ahead of this front, it's very warm temperatures well into the 80s across good chunk of the Mississippi River valley, including the Ohio River valley, Tennessee river valleys of southeast U.S. and mid Atlantic, even the northeast today warming up as well, perhaps just a couple of showers across western New York here for this morning. Across the western U.S., looking at dry conditions across Southern California. In fact, much of California drive for today with some showers across the Pacific Northwest. That's the weather across America and Pittsburgh for today a warm one times the clouds and sunshine high of 84° San Francisco for today. Breezy this afternoon with a high of 64°. That's the nation's weather. I'm AccuWeather dot com. It's 16 after I'm John trout, this is America in the morning. Two Alabama teenagers have been arrested and charged for the birthday party shooting over the weekend that left four dead and several wounded. And

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