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Sixty K FM one eight hundred seven sixty five three six two. He want to weigh in. If you wanna talk about this. I guess Mitch McConnell speaking on the floor of the Senate right now talking about the delay in the vote. What was supposed to happen was it was going to be a motion to proceed tomorrow? There's going to be emotional cut off the debate on Monday. And then there would be a vote on Tuesday. This has all been moved back now one solid week while quote credible investigations can take place and while we can find out and get down right to the bottom of all of this. And find out what's going on. The F B is coming in. Mark judge has said he will cooperate with the FBI cavenaugh has said he will cooperate with the FBI. My guess is what I know this for a fact because Ford's lawyers have already come in and said that one week is not enough to investigate this. It's gotta go on for some substantial time still to come. It will not be enough. It will not be enough. Remember what happens with appeasers? Okay. You throw people out of the boat to the sharks. Eventually you run out of people to throw to the sharks. And you have to throw yourself to the sharks. Today was a very dangerous day. Today, what you saw imply in that committee was actual democracy like that was the rule of mob. It was the rule of mob. It was not the rule of Representative government. The mob stormed the building the mob held flake hostage elevator, the mob, yelled and screamed and protested and did everything but throw things that is democracy. If you can get the most angry people together to intimidate other people, you get what you want that is the mob rules, and that's what you got today. And the sad thing about it is flake was on the prevailing side. The Republicans won. They voted him out of committee. But now they've attached this additional responsibility, which I think is very odd. Eight hundred seven sixty KFC it's the Brentwood arable show of seven sixty talking. Breaking news, Jim Sharpe. Vet with the headlines. What's going on? Jim hurricane Rosa in the eastern Pacific was upgraded to a major category. Four hurricane today with one hundred twenty-five mile an hour sustained winds is expected to gradually weaken as it heads towards northern Baja California, but its remnants could bring heavy rainfall to the south western US, including San Diego early next week. The San Diego County water authority today announced it will cease work on a seawater desalination plant at Camp Pendleton because of excessive permitting and cost. Hurdles by the state lands commission water authority approved the four million dollar plant in two thousand fifteen and the annual Miramar air show got underway. This morning at MCAS Miramar, a long line of cars could be seen waiting to get in. When the gates opened at eight last year, more than half a million. People attended the air show over its three days. You're never more than fifteen minutes away from the top stories of the day on the bread winner will show AM seven sixty talk and breaking news AM,.

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