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Exercisers everything from smoother workout starts to better data in order to increase jim attendance more from wall street journal reporter rachel bachman rachel what's up at the gym or whatever dilemma the kim in that generally kim don't really know what you do what you show up top strange but there really is no way to tell you find a personal trainer or cloud and they want to have more information about your what you're doing today can keep coming back me it needs to one of the things that happened it probably the biggest news that the apple watch out in the coming this paul it's going to happen thakur upgrade that will let people think they're apple watch to a whole new of cardio equipment so you know by cut both things like that most major brand and down that will let people walk away with all their um to work out data where now there's a patchwork of dumb munich smartphone apposite to our uh put the right brand the line though about equal dumb generally that people don't like to to to end their the track bellied i'll punching and their weight and aid things like that israeli out and a much more food way to go if you happen apple latin night so what else is there were equal doctors rolling out oak a couple of things that new york paid to luxury health club although they have location dumb eldorado the country the world dare cutting a key pot new members will do intentionally stimulate text message conversation on someone smartphone with new members any idea is to be too we have to have a virtual simulated human conversation be attack took the cap but and beat the the baht will get you to that gold and and how it happened the kim other reasons why you're going there and so on and the baht will actually promptly what could not showing up at ask you how it can help and things like that and and they could ensure about a mud at every location with new members and they knew member to opt into the jackpot are showing up twenty percent more that no to opt out which intuitu of interesting at the shortcuts out but it's very intriguing how are you have wall street journal reporter rachel bachman sure it's about exercise at are piece is called your jim's tech wants.

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