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I'm I sort of I have to fight the spouse and clean up the mess of the spouse all the time. Is there any way to attract a not Hatcher Hatcher box? What size hole does that have. It's supposed to be legitimate. Not Hatcher side hope. Yeah. Not not hatches are of the chickadee. Tufted tit mice eastern Bluebirds. Carolina. Wrens those are the birds that are little more challenging to get to come to a box. Now, they are they are kind of timid. I'm not sure if you have red breasted, not hatches in your ear, most are white precedent, which are a little larger. I have one red breasted not hats. And then I have a couple of white breasted not Hatcher. The regulars are cute. Little guys, aren't they? Lovely. I didn't know what it was at first. And then I happen by one of the pull it up, and oh, he's just. It just so tiny and and precious. Yeah. I I always say that east English sparrows are the biggest problem in the yards. And how do you keep those away? Well, first off don't put out any inexpensive bird food in your feeders. Most inexpensive bird foods have something called Milo, which is like a red BB. There's on one bird that can grind. Don't use it. That's that's the first thing for second. The second thing is on your Bluebird boxes. You know, the shape of a mailbox post in a mailbox has a post, and you have an arm coming after the mailboxes sit on correct, you can take a paint paddle or a couple of pain paddles, or you can take a piece of wire coathanger, and you can fasten that to the back of your nesting boxes, and then have the arm come over go to the dollar store somewhere and buy some Mylar balloons, and if you have the ability to cut those in one in strips and hang those on over so that they hang over the top of the box. That's where the English sparrows tend to sit when they land, and they'll sit there and guard with their life those boxes and won't let blue birds even aggressive male Bluebirds on there. English sparrows hate those Mylar balloons. Bluebirds don't mind them at all no other bird minds those except spare English payers because I think. Mylar balloon and cut it into strip. You the whole. Yeah. You know, you put the wire or whatever the paddle on the back of the nesting box. Have it come up in forward over the top almost like a clothesline? And then just hang those down near six inch strips foreign strips or whatever so that they're about a half an inch from the top of the box. And I'm not sure if it's because maybe English sparrows because they forage on such garbage. If you look at their nests actually have pieces of Mylar in there. They just know that that stuff is not good. They may have eaten it or they may have had their mouth, and they had the metallic taste. But that is a deterrent can make a roof pardon. To make a roof. Now, just like a little closed on take a coat hanger bended at a ninety degree angle. Put some of those on air fascinated to the back of the box with a staple gun, or whatever you have to do that with okay? The Mylar hang over the front. Not over the front over the top of the box. Not over the hall. Just over the top. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry making a shiny roof. Kinda. Okay. But you don't want it laying on the roof though. Okay. I gotcha. Hanging above the bird. Feeder above it. Dot com. Okay. Okay. I got it. All right. Thank you very much. Have a good day day to let me mention a friend of mine, and that's David clap and burger the painter. If you wanna have indoor painting. Whether you want to have remodeling done. In the winter, David clap burger has lower rates. Lower rates. You get a quality paint job. Really outstanding painting company. And you can use one guy to do the painting through the crown molding changed the doors wherever it is that needs doing. And usually when you're painting a couple little projects you wanna get down at the same time. And David's crew can do it all four hundred and fifty reviews on the internet four hundred and forty eight of them are positive. David clapping and sons for one oh, six four seven fifty seven hundred for one. Oh, six four seven fifty seven hundred. Let's go next to canton. Good morning. Tom. He's still with us. Let's go on. Then let's go to housing. Good morning. An morning Allen. Good morning. Good morning on. I have a friend who lives in Rosedale. I think she lives in a townhouse community. I'm not positive, but I think so and she has been trying for years to get hunting birds to come to her yard, and she just never gets them. And I wondered if there's any hint. I'm not sure what area she's into the extent that maybe her backyard doesn't seem visually accessible to the birds one of the things that she can do is buy if she does she have a little bit of a yard. I guess so I I'm not sure I've never been to our house. Okay. Well, if she can plant if she can buy a tropical hibiscus tropical hibiscus in the red color, and if she can put that out there that obviously is going to attract the hummingbirds, and she also she wanted to plan in a big pot. She's limited for space. She can plant red salvia at the base of the where the. Tropical. Hibiscus goes in to the pot. Those two combinations really tend to draw and then she's gonna put feeders out the more red decorations or ornaments. She has around the area is going to also draw them to her house like a magnet if they're out there and around which they are. And we only have ruby throated hummingbirds in our area, the one they see all that red. That's going to be the sign that there's a friendly environment for them. Okay. So tropical hibiscus tree, not the Bush. Yeah, they come in little stems fifteen dollars. It's not real expensive. But they have they have red blue red Salvi is another one. Do you have any thoughts? She's in the shade. I had done really well with red impatience. Okay. I think birds like that. And I think they they like the plants better than the hummingbird feeders. Whatever by the way, salvia black and blue which isn't read really attracts helping all the Salvi is I have a lot of nectar this black and blues my favorite too. Yeah. Soviet Black and blue. Yes. Now, that's one you're gonna find. If she's in a place where it's relatively mild. That'll come up that will make it through the winner. Bring it in the house and in Carolina. No, black and blue are you talking colors. No, that's the name of the plant salvia. It's dark purple dark. Perfect dark purple navy blue beautiful country. Very good plan. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you guys. Take home. Thanks for calling. All right. Let's go next to our this. When after move a little faster. It's over here. Almost hit around. What morning, Dave? Good morning morning. Hey, this is a thank you from me. And my wife back in October. I heard that lady was still seeing hummingbirds and my wife had taken down her hummingbird feeders upon hearing that others some citing she kept them up. Well, here's what happened. We had a hummingbird here until November it attracted so much attention. We had the guy who's in charge of the national birding for the whole country came out catcher her and the event was really neat. He put up a little tag on her leg. She weighed about a nickel Amazon that my wife release it. And by one of your callers calling in to said that they saw a humming. Birds fighting my wife was encouraged to keep it, and she is a hummingbird affection. I want to thank you guys for that information at the time it was very enjoyable unique. We have people coming over to see deciding Etta made my waist. It was a feel of the number for her. So I want to thank you for you said that was in November. I mean bird safe. Yeah. November rate. So thank you. Very very welcome. Okay, sir. Bye. Bye. All right. 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