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A veteran and he knew today was time change day and he knew that six AM really met five A. M. on the east coast so I was completely duped and I'm doing the show today with no voice was at the bar last night and I looked at the clock and somebody goes Hey you are you're ready for daylight savings and I'm like E. L. sure what is that is like tonight it to two becomes three okay so what happened to why did I get to take it away what I do to get to take it away I need to I mean the entire hour because I have to be up early no no anti you see this happens every year we do fall back and spring forward when it's fall back you get to stay at the bar one more hour when it's spring forward you are robbed of everything you know in the world and so I got no sleep last night and anybody listening right now I got no sleep last night because you got an hour brutally taken from you and I feel like I've been deprived of one of the great writes in this great country a full hour of sleep and a full hour to get my voice back what needs to be so it is very disappointing if you will be listening to the show throughout the morning eight o'clock hour we got a couple guests we'll get into what could be the quarterback roller coaster the carousel whatever you wanna call it we'll get to that post free agency right around the corner in the NFL was it'll mean who can get better who is going to get worse also Jerry palm great cast a forty CBS sports college basketball writer I will tell him here you have ten minutes name all the teams in the tournament and he'll probably do it and then nine o'clock hour we'll get to the NBA because there was a lot of discussion right now about not only who's gonna win the title but a new calendar for the NBA and also we have taken a look at Dunchurch wars I Williamson over the next ten years I have my answer we'll get to that at some point eight five five two one two four two two seven if you want to be on board we were talking some college hoops so far this morning but we will segue to the N. B. A. where there was some surprising news I woke up to yesterday that somebody by the name of Kenny Atkinson out as a Brooklyn nets head coach and in NBA circles when you talk to people who know the league I am a bit of all the hoops junkie are they will have told you that acted since one of the better coaches in the league I mean he's been coaching a nets team that let's be honest they've had some pieces and parts who doesn't love themselves and Spencer Dinwiddie but overall that is not a team that was built for contention we know last year they shocked the world by sign in both Thai rear main thank Kevin Durant to go along with their team little the last two years is very respectable and if you look at him this year they are twenty eight and thirty four if I pull out my handy dandy NBA standings they're sitting there and he's our conference in the seven seed so season ends today.

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