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Angel Garza caught Jordan Devlin like he was holding like a follow up for follow slam. And then travis banks jumped up onto Angel Garza's shoulders and then Scott jumped off the turnbuckle. I was like Whoa beautiful a fall. There were quite a few things in this match there. I mean literally to me and I watched it. I think this was the match of the night and to me to me. Lot of story. Storytelling was great for especially in a fatal four. It's really difficult to do but everyone soon to be hitting your spots and hitting their spots well especially with the end of it but at the same time you got the emotional connection of diy coming out for themselves. They got the new shirt going on whereas the CIAMPA flag with the black heart on the left I am but Gargano space inside of that the I I like the I thought the love of them coming back. Good what did you think about that. Yeah the match. I think that was probably a little bit of a letdown for me. I mean it was a good match but what what. I was kind of Georgia. I'm looking for Penis Penis about Thank you You know early on the match. They had a couple of a couple of laughs in handshakes and you know when I'm really pianist about put that on a shirt. Here's my muscles. You know. Twist in the mustache and that that's cool but I think it went on a little too long degrade the insurance for mustache. No when they were in the ring with the band between you know CIAMPA and and you know the banter in the ring went on a little too long for me but on that great match for sure but understandable I mean you know there are sometimes where the showmanship the entertainment aspect takes away from aspect on. Its best when everything is combined perfectly and I could see that you know. I thought the Matt I thought the matches really good You know I'm not knocking to match but I I followed that fatal four way to me. Yeah I was like Oh what a way to follow. Not shitty wages man. It was so much hyphen excitement that I guess that whoever book look the card was like it's diy the crowds still gonna stay right and it was to an extent they did. I mean let's not make. It seem like the crowd. The the crowd was vocal. But for me as if I wasn't washing with the paying attention to the crowd you know I was watching. I was doing a lot of things yesterday so I was out at fucking restaurants with the fucking thing playing so I'm watching it without anyone else's reaction other then my own and the person was with so to me you know I'm an obviously I went back this morning. I was like scrubbing through here. Because we talk talk a lot about the crowds. You know it's it's it's a definite impact into every match so I was like the crowd was definitely into that match but me as a normal wrestling fan going as as I was constantly going. Holy Shit Oh fuck you see that then making rewinding rooms like the one I was like. Oh it was a good match you know good match but it to me. It didn't have the pop right. Furry personally rea- Ripley defending against Tony Storm making up for her losing kind of to the Annex T U U U K women's challenge. Whatever the fuck? It's called the white belt white women. The white you came belt that was. She lost that one to Tony Storm. And she retained this the annex t championship at worlds collide. More and more you say at the more and more on my God damn right. It's just it's such a pain in balls. I feel about that mismatched real quick decorates confusion. That's the problem. We Oh you mean that match gems good match I mean I knew there is no fucking way way..

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