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McDougall. His website is linked up at coast to coast AM dot com. John so many things to talk with you about. But I want to pick your brain again about your book the starched solution. I mean, this is contrary to what so many other dietitians say tell us about this. I mean, you say, you know, eat potatoes rice pasta, and you'll be fine. Go ahead. Well, I think the opportunity up there. It's a very simple thing that people can prove themselves, whether they're religious followers, whether they're epidemiologists saw geographers historians. It doesn't make any difference. If you look back over human history. What you find is that all large successful populations of people have a pain the ball because they're Keller's starch. Well, we're talking about here. Offi successful. Like, for example, the. The aspects Mayans were noticed. The people of corn corn for thirteen centuries. They fought battles they competing athletic events. They reproduce children for thirteen hundred years on a diet based on corn. You look at the Incas. There's a population that lived up potatoes, except when they were at the battle. Then they took key wa because it was like, Jerry, let me take a look at the Asians, even in our memory. George ninety percent of the diet of an Asian typically, we think of as rice, that's right? And we could go off online. There's an undeniable historical epidemiological fact that no one can get around. And that is that all large successful populations of people throughout all of their fiber. History have paid the bulk of their Keller's from starch. So why all of a sudden have we become carnivores? You know, why have what we all of a sudden BI? Become omnivores that can eat any basically anything, you know there. There is a diet. That's best suits people cod trade what a lot of people associated with me. And my name that doesn't necessarily have to be vegan diet is a matter of fact, I go to great effort to tell people that I'm not of the what I do is. I tell people that they should have paid the bulk of their Keller's starch how much well typically issued before nineteen eighty ninety percent of their diet with white rice ninety percent of the food. Now, you got white rice terrible terrible, excuse me. White rice it okay for the Japanese during World War Two. And in Vietnam. The rice eaters. Made a notable challenge to power didn't they so, you know, you can't stand back and deny all of history all geography all of religious teachers, and basically all the sides and go and say that we are supposed to have died of breed butter cheese, or how how does science go against what you say in Intel people, you know, if you're pre diabetic stay away from rice, and pastas and all the stuff totally contrary to what you're saying. Why do they do this? Well, it's also contrary to what the three search says the basic research was done before the nineteen eighties. When we had researchers such a guy named Percival hymns worth did the basic studies on the effect of food on blood sugar or his project. Yaw Shirley Sweeney. Nineteen twenty seven publicist result. On his medical students where he took healthy medical students. Any fed a diet that was very high in fat, and they became all the became diabetic. And then he fed a diet. It was like eighty ninety percent sugar and all remained non diabetic so him worth. He published. I mean, this is the father diabetes, he publishes work in the British medical journal as best and finest article in nineteen forty the debate should have been over. Then in nineteen forty went. He made his publication hymns worth did. But you know, for most of the reasons all them, the economical somehow the truth has been lost. I'll have to say George since nineteen eighty which allow things happen. Then we had CNN news worldwide. News, disseminates information and travel excetera. A lot of things happened in nineteen eighty but in nineteen eighty the the food industry. I figured out that they had to fight hard to maintain their position. And this is based largely upon what happened in nineteen sixty four which is when Luther Terry the surgeon general the United States surgeons house report on smoking and health. He basically Luther Terry single handedly put tobacco industry out of business in the US. We went from us smokey population of half the people to wear a few of the clinic percent of the people in the US now smoke now the food industry. They saw this happen to big alcohol and to big tobacco. And they said to never gonna let this happen to them. So what they started doing in the nineteen eighties. Starting buying the research. They bought the researchers, and they bought them with contracts stipulated that they wouldn't be allowed to publish the data and less the funding company approved of the results. I mean, that's how they started out. They sent their lobbyists. They sent their money. They did everything they could to not end up like big tobacco at sad to say, George. They have one today they shouldn't have won because nineteen seventy seven the dietary goals who put up by George McGovern, which again was the Waterloo for the food industry. There was the time when everything should have changed like did with big tobacco. But it did not know it did not. In fact, they were smart enough, the food industry course, they're far bigger than back were all industries. They were smart enough. And they realized the threat was so serious that they had to put every possible effort behind keeping the product selling even to the point of lying to the public which brings us to the topic that I hope excited you in terms of having me again on guest, which I very much appreciate and that's the subject of Johnson and Johnson. Beat sued over baby powder. That you were the whistle blower. How did that happen? Well, let me tell you I established the importance many listeners may have left. This piece of news go by so many horrible things happening in the world today. This is just a minor one. It may put Johnson Johnson company out of business of the projections are as high as forty seven billion dollars. I lost it just consider last year. Twenty two women filed a lawsuit which resulted in a four point bay dollar award. A twenty two women who sue Johnson's Johnson last year got twenty two billion dollars or four point seven billion dollars the lawsuit. Well, call I suppose this it was a rather innocent thing, I was just finishing residency training in Hawaii was at the John burns school of medicine. And there were a lot of newspaper articles be published at that time about the aspects. In the school room walls, and how the workers shipyard workers during World War Two were exposed to specis and all the sickness, Bob. The lung cancers called net deal most, you'll variant cancers, stomach cancers, etc. They were terribly learned about this. So what I did as an innocent young doctor is I wrote a letter to the editor of the Honolulu advertiser star bulletin, and I said, why are you so upset about the school room walls and shipyard workers when every day in the state of Hawaii people are eating a million pounds tons. I have no idea what the correct figure is of aspects every day on their telco rice. Now, George I waited for a month for that letter to the drill here and in never appeared. So I called the associate editor, and I said, where's my toil? He said what we what upset? People. Nesta's which we believe is true, by the way. So anyways, I got off the phone. I call George Chaplin who happened to be the editor for advertisers, star-bulletin time and short started having the simple conversation. Finally got around to me asking him a very important question are you on newspaper. What is your job is it to defend businesses or to defend the people will white and George Chaplin, Mr. chaplain? He agreed that they weren't fulfilling their paper in other words, telling both sides of the story. So what they did next George is. They got the rice industry side of the story. And this is what always done. Yeah. You get somebody tries to tell the truth, even he's a maverick. Even if he doesn't agree with establishment what they do is the dairy industry or meat industry or car industry, tobacco or whatever. They get their spin doctors working again again upon them. Yep. Really? They just have all the resources they have. The money. All we have is truth in success. So what they did is they published an article I ask your producers to put that that are up. It was in the nineteen seventy eight I have a copy not saved by the from the fire. Dr Jack I had to get it from the advertiser. And they say, well, they still had the archives. So I asked produces to put that article up where there's a debate over aspects being Intel code rice, and they brought in the rights company telling you know, basic saying, I was a liar. I was uninformed and etc. You know, the usual contra attack. So I was act Mr. chaplain. And I said you don't even though your newspaper you try to be fair. You haven't told the truth? He says well you prove that there's s bestest in the rice in Hawaii. See what they do is to make white rice. You have to take the Colonel off. So you it from broad rice into white rice and that lease at Balmoral to vermin which eat up the white rice, so to protect the rice from deterioration from moles, etc. What they do is it with glucose and tell. Folk. So what people don't realize Johnson's out. The lawsuit is brought out. And in fact, most of the attorneys that have been on the defensive side pointed out that you cannot mind tell without mining ESTES and baby powder is Telcom powder. So the way it works is this is the mineral is actually they'd be better off, by the way with cornstarch wouldn't they well probably glucose, the both chemically both of the same one some more for which is called tell the other is the fibers form, which is called specis. You cannot mind help without mining s. Bessis matter of fact, they estimate man of fibers particles in every tiny bit of rice consumed now the hope anyway. I had to prepare. I was starving resident making twelve thousand dollars a year. And I had to prove that there was s best to the in the Tel authorize in Hawaii. So I hired by higher because there couldn't afford them. But they were willing to volunteer their services three independent laboratories they went to various stores in Hawaii and bought rice in every single sample. They found aspects in huge Omar guard. Now, they printed that and that's the second article. I sent to your producers if they knew socials wanna put it up on your website, which is by the way, next website, put up your website. So they could see these articles that were written. But the bottom line. This is whole thing George this within a year. You could no longer by tell coated rice. Remember, this is forty one years ago was this all over the country just Hawaii that they're selling the stuff. Nope. This is the end line of the story within a year. The you could no longer by tell coated rice in Hawaii, California or Puerto Rico. They never were hell coated rice disappeared from the marketplace in nineteen eighty one year after I wrote the articles now it's says in the lawsuits against awesome Johnson. Does they've known for forty years about the presence of aspects Intel. It's always there. It's never not. They've known about that for forty years. And they've lied about it. They've covered it up. That's the danger. And now they're paying a price. You say the stock market, which is most interesting. What's going on says that the losses to Donna Johnson could be as high forty seven billion dollars almost as much as the cost? I survived the wildfires in to whoever their insurance company is gonna probably go out of business too. Well. Well, the thing is is industry will do anything. And again, we're gonna have something this is not a conspiracy just business. And what you wanna do is is you wanna make your product as favorables possible to the consumer. Of course, even if involved wine high in the facts and the death of thousands of people from. Ovarian cancer stomach cancer and diseases associated known to be caused by SPF. And I see these methods Lioma commercials for law firms all over the place these days..

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