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I've ever seen slap is great but the pan back to nate and the shrug his just so nate the that that part i enjoyed the first part made me like legitimately angry other people who work at barstools stood up that guy the guy who hit him was a tweet like i would i would just carry it around the headlock for the whole night i mean the way you slap somebody says everything about who you are and he was like the that guy that guy stood up and marched down the steps and then i think quickly realized one that someone was filming and to wait am i really going to punch someone i think he also again his on camera and you made a stink about it like why can't do nothing so i think he went with like the little slap skim off the top of his head you rushing hat slap me took my hat we have problems imagining how gases hat hat please no goalie don't i can't even i can't do it you would have you would have stepped in do now bigger than that guy but would you step in for anybody is that this company if it's uh for someone else yeah even if nate may we deserved it nate deserves it from one of us okay like i would feel you on that i mean game seven he goes and he's rapids team and i got a legal tip you not wear the other yeah that was like the rule right that the mayor put whatever those guys saw but i i can you know my bottom dollar that nate was doing that all annoying got wal walking back from the concession stand in this he's going a fresh like coke ice cream and he's trying to like drink on nate nate was trolling hard i mean that that game was over you know what i mean like it wasn't even i bet if it was close and it was a nail biter he would be dead right but i mean.

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