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Best choice for the army's mission and America's future. It's 6 38. Let's get back to the traffic center with Jack Taylor. All right, we still have our closure. It's out of oxen hill of Wheeler road last night's crash cleared utility crews didn't that Wheeler wrote his block between Leland drive and Iverson place dealing with the down pole and wires. Inner loop still looks pretty good. Branch avenue down toward the Wilson bridge without delay. Watch a lap on silver hill road. Basically up between four 14 and old silver hill road, that's the northern part of the intersection crash, follow police direction. Now we've got to unfortunate flooding. It's on water street and upper Marlboro. It's blocked between judges drive and route four right now. I believe you've got some activity northbound on route for that ramp to water street was not blocked, so I think there's a vehicle that may have been stuck in the high water. That ramp is now closed, so just be aware and it may be closed through the rest of the day. Top side of the beltway outer loop remains slow from 95 toward Georgia avenue in that delay earlier can not see it in a camera anymore. After New Hampshire avenue, we'd had one broken down blocking the far left lane. Two 70s getting a little bit heavier now as you leave Frederick coming out of The Rain showers through urbana headed down toward one O 9, could add a German town, though, headed toward the lane divide, pretty decent looking trip so far still between the beltways 95 and the BW Parkway. In Virginia, 66 heavier, east manassas into Centreville, 95 northbound, we do have some brake lights in woodbridge, three 95 looks good coming out of the Springfield interchange, but we're heavier, top end across the 14th street bridge. There had been reports of a crash down on sudley road business two 34 down near Williamson boulevard, you may find authorities on scene. One hiccup downtown right now, it was reported in southwest 14th street southbound at independence avenue there'd been report of a crash. Four feds buy feds, help protect your family with group term life insurance, tailored specifically to your needs, visit wipa, dot org to learn more. Jack, take their WTO P traffic. All right, let's go check out that forecast with Mike stina. We're gonna see a couple of showers this morning as a cold front comes to behind the front this afternoon and turning mostly sunny with lower humidity and look

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