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And we stay partly cloudy and dry into the weekend Saturday's low sixty three hi up to eighty five recapping the forecast for today partly cloudy warming to a high of seventy two read our fifty degrees on Peachtree street I'm channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nitz ninety five point five WSPA separate bags were checked the morning drive again do we see a lot more traffic today I know it's it's infractions mark McCabe you've been looking at this for a while what do you think a little bored after a little more than this week politics what trouble spot to really hold things up you know being held up on eighty five though if we play your QB cardboard still at the capitol for three sixty five bowling between double door closet door don't don't get on you for highway shut down a job Bill rode through tomorrow with that real road repair works of art four hundred seventy five by seventy five still doing well out of the northwest thank you bye goodly rubric life doesn't stop you could replace ruby impacted the social distancing ability to keep your family healthy if they recruit dot com the graphic that you five point five W. S. B. so the top of the hour how Clark arches major tech companies are helping other customers during the pandemic and after a short break actually on board at the next superintendent of Atlanta public schools we are uniquely poised to do so much more R. W. S. B. said good traits stay with us WSP dues time is six fifty one day make a host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield what kind of color selection do I get when I use rhino shield red blue and yellow that's it that is it unless if it's not your wife's favorite then we can.

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