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Like, oh, what's up with this players? Just have bad games. It's you know, I guess maybe this is true in in pro baseball. But it's like, you know, if Miguel Cabrera goes over four with four strikeouts. It's not like what's up with him. It's like he had a bad game. So it's not, you know, I understand. They played fewer games here. But. It's it's kind of whatever and beeline mentioned that you know, kinda like birthday Kaz last week teams, you know, Jordan pool, and is absolutely snuck up on teams. I wrote this article on Friday last week, they snuck up on Villanova. They snuck up on North Carolina's backup on Purdue leave. They combine averaged a combined. Forty four points in those three games or they both averaged at least fifteen points in those three games. And then now they're numbers are dipping, and the reason why is 'cause they're keeping a guy on Jordan pool. All the time he hits forty two percents of his threes. So he's not going to get open looks. And I think the reason I say false is because. He. Michigan has been telling him this week just because you can do your step back or your little shake and bake or whatever to get open doesn't mean that's the best shot. And I think that that's going to get through to him. Because I think you saw a little bit of it against Indiana. It wasn't like he was playing hero ball there. And and I think he's going to continue to distribute self. They really want to you know, put someone in his pocket all night. I think I think he's aware that someone else will be open, and they can score that way. So I'm gonna say false. I don't think they need him too. Obviously if they're facing zone this week in in in kind of in an offensive shootout type of game on Friday. The it would really help Michigan. If you got out of his shooting slump? But I I think part of the shooting slump is just people are committing to defending him in Michigan. Is you know, nineteen and one for reasons because they have different ways to win basketball games. They're not dependent on just him. So I'm gonna say false down will take the false in this one. Then really the kind of echo with Zach was saying is that it's not a one man show mean the starting five for Michigan has been, you know, a phenomenal group of guys have been able to share the wealth around. You know, we we saw, you know, Iggy break out of his slump in the last game down in Indiana. Task is stabbed his role up. Obviously kind of been you know, one of the key players on this on this team. Charles Matthews is starting to kind of come out of his slump as well. Too. Would it be nice to have Jordan come out of it? Absolutely. But it's not it's not indicative for him to kinda be out of that slump for this. Michigan team beats Ohio State or Iowa pleasant apple to if for some reason, it's not working out for them. Give got the bench of workout for you've got allied Brooks. You still have as Ahah livers they'll come off as well too. That could you know 'cause the three point threat as well. So it doesn't necessarily mean that Jordan has to you know, you have a, you know, a double digit point game two to have Michigan vault over these teams, but it would help a little bit. But it's not indicative so false. I'm gonna take the false. Also, I think there's because of what they got gotta saying too, many weapons two different guys that could take off. I don't think they they win these two games. Jordan pool goes over from the three point line, or is a you can't make a shot or is a liability defensively. But there's there's enough guys between Matthews and Bruce Jake is task. Simpson livers coming off the bench. And maybe one of these opportunities for Brooks to become more of a score. They could survive one guy, they probably couldn't survive two guys really really playing, you know, having tough tough time shooting the basketball. But I do think that they could go to this week even turn pool doesn't average you say fifteen points in his shooting forty percent from the floor or forty forty two percent from three point land. All right when we come back finish up. True false. We don't get to we will cycle into.

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