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From NPR news. I'm Laxmi, saying President Trump is visiting a city on edge after police shot an unarmed black man. Protests erupted and a teenage trump supporter allegedly killed two activists. Ma yon silver of member station of the U. W. M reports on how residents are coping in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It's been tough for the city. Two people are dead. One is paralyzed in another injured the city's rebuilding from damage and boarded up businesses throughout its downtown, and Trump has a history of inflammatory language. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes tweeted the city was on fire, and we need healing. Not a barrel of gasoline rolling in But there are plenty of Republicans who want to hear and see from President Trump like US Senator Ron Johnson, who said Trump has provided decisive leadership. Ayaan Silver reporting. A federal appeals court is considering arguments today in the president's latest bid to keep New York prosecutors from obtaining his tax returns. President's lawyers had filed an appeal after District Court judge cleared the way for New York to subpoena trumps accounting for for those documents in early in the summer. US Supreme Court had ruled that the presidency in itself does not shield Trump from the New York investigation. The board of trustees at Liberty University in Virginia says an independent commission will investigate the 10 year of the school's former president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. We have this from NPR's Sarah McCammon. Jerry Falwell Jr has been a close ally of President Trump and Liberty is one of the largest evangelical institutions in the country with a long history of involvement in Republican politics. Falwell resigned early last week after a former business partner claimed he'd had a sexual relationship with Falwell's wife that involved Falwell, observing the two together. The Falwell's Deny that but say Mrs Falwell had a brief affair with the man. In a statement. Liberties Board says it's hired a forensic firm to investigate liberties operations during Falwell's thymus president quote, including but not limited to financial, realestate and legal matters. Falwell has been at the center of several high profile scandals in recent years, including allegations of racial insensitivity and questions about his business dealings. Sarah McCammon NPR NEWS White House public towards resume next week with new Corona virus rules in place more from NPR's Franco Ordo Nia's. The move is just the latest example of the White House looking to get things back to normal..

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