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Today's episode is brought to you by IBM. SMART is open open is smart. IBM's combining their industry expertise with open source leadership of Red Hat. Let's unlock the world's potential. Let's put smart to work. Learn more at IBM DOT com slash red hat. A class twenty twenty. We note things have been super weird lately robbed of a graduation ceremony, so found some people to write you. Clinton speeches John Legend. He's a Hillary Clinton. She's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College Coach K. Abby Wambach to halls. They're all here to give you the wisdom that we could all use right now, Mrs I heart radio new podcast commencement speeches drop me fifteen on iheartradio APP and Sunday may seventeenth across all IHEART. Radio stations brought to you by state farm like a good neighbor state. Pharma's they're. Welcome to invention a production of iheartradio..

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