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Kids. Is the kids seventy seven Kars kids. Seven. The kid. The kids. Doc today. Wpro gains to donate. Visit us online. His. And easy. Tax deduction. Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate donations new appliances can do wonders for a kitchen right now. At the Home Depot. They'll also do wonders for kitchen budget with up to thirty five percents off appliance special buys like the four piece stainless steel Samsung kitchen Sweden up to eighteen hundred dollars off fridge gas range, microwave, dishwasher all at once. Just in time for dinner up to thirty five percents off appliance special buys now at the Home Depot. More saving more doing US only while supplies last. See store for details. Electric range available at extra cost February twenty seven. Oh, hi there. Al dukes here from the boomer and geo show it is freezing cold outside today and probably will be again tomorrow. Do what I do stay inside. And enjoy the all Altea one TV and internet experience. Actually, I made the switch to all teeth one last summer, and since then I've been enjoying life TV with two hundred twenty channels brilliant, four K alter HD video and a WI fi signal that covers my entire. Home even the bathrooms. Not that. I use the internet in the bathroom. I definitely don't remember with all there's no more modem, and no router, so no clutter so water. All tees one now and get double the internet speed for the same price. Call eight seven seven six optimum or visit optimum dot com to get all tees one today risk free with no annual contract and a thirty day money back guarantee. And if you're stuck in a contract, optimum, we'll help you out up to five hundred dollars offer for new residential customers taxes, fees and restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. See optimum dot com for details..

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