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Here's a newsflash Trump's petty in the White House zoo. I mean, that's essentially what the story is. So and by the way, I can give you an example, every day. Yeah. The question is, do you want to cover that story every day, or, you know, do we try to do we try to service something that you didn't know that you should I let you go on his? I know you don't miss any of this stuff because you some all states politics and all cities, politics and things, but Edberg got scolded by our new mayor yesterday in a way, if you haven't seen the video, you need to, so that's just a tip from your friends. Dave. We've talked about this before. I mean, you know, at some point, you got to think that the two machines are going to die here. You know, I don't know how many times boaters have to send the message that they're sort of exhausted from the machine style politics or the left or right. But it is amazing how much. Machines clean power in the state of Eleanor. Well later on. I'll be announcing my new party affiliation. I'm a wig has today, partly because of my hair loss. Chuck always great. Thank you. We'll see this weekend. You got the press daily and meet the press on Sunday in new check. Todd cast is out days birthday, we should recognize birthday. We might have to recognize his birthday at seven ten though given the clock 'cause I wouldn't shut up. We'll do that coming up standby. Stay birthday today. You don't need to recognize my birthday. You already did in the six ten you to recognize it. And some of it will be complimentary. What's coming up at seven lawmakers, moving another step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana in the state will have that coming up at seven from the WGN newsroom. Edens getting heavy twenty six minutes from lake cook road. Kennedy about fifty minutes in from O'Hare already thirty six outbound, Eisenhower, fifty in from fifty three thirty four for Mannheim. Inbound Stevenson about forty six from the tri-state thirty five heading the Ryan twenty two from ninety fifth Elmwood park accident grand east of Harlem on the near north side at accidents at Milwaukee and Elston and eastbound I eighty still slow between wolf and eightieth due to an earlier trek fire for personalized traffic on demand, get the Traffix Chicago app, approved by the mortgage experts team hochburg just search. T. R. A F F. I X Chicago, I'm van Velde from the traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Win pucks and Prague on WGN radio. You win a Blackhawks.

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