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Dot com the first thing that we do when people walk in the door is you're going to fill out a health history so that we know everything we need to know about you but more importantly we do the body composition analysis which is a tool that we use not only to establish a baseline of where you're at but also it's used to monitor you throughout the program so the body composition analysis will determine your percent body fat we'll find out whether you're in the high risk category we're gonna determine what your visceral fat rating is that's the danger sat around your heart your organs we most of our clients are already in the obesity category most of our clients are in their fifties sixties and seventies most of our clients are on some medication and if you want to get off medication you lose that body fat you lose that visceral fat and things will really start to come together for you we have a guest on the program her name is Karena she went through the health for life weight loss and so your healing program with her husband ad so Karina welcome to the show thank you so it sounds like this completely transformed your life and your husband's life tell us just give us a a broad stroke of all of the things that you feel that has been done for you by going through this process I'll tell you the biggest thing for me was that I still present I feel president when I wake up out of bed I don't feel like I'm so tired and lethargic why I need to go back to sleep I just felt like all day long I just wanted to sleep what happened go to this program I'm away a minute grandma and be able to enjoy her work before I would be like I'm to tired out just play with thirty in a holder now I can really play with her well you know what that's that's a big deal you feel clear headed you know I understand that word present you know you're not like eighty D. drifting off think what you know what I mean like I get it how many pounds you lose because it was pretty amazing eighty two pounds eighty two pounds in you told me that people at work they didn't even know you are walking up to you and asking you what you're going to do our own what what did what you did right yeah people that I didn't even think even knew who I was was asking are like all my god what are you doing you've lost much weight you look where you look fabulous but I would just like I felt all Gooden proudly so I would tell him when I was doing so they all wanted to get involved and understand a little bit more there didn't get back to me on what we're doing how I lost the weight yeah well as a woman I'm because I like I always say on this program I married for thirty years I know how my wife things and all that but if I was a woman I'm not but it was a woman I had people walk up to me that said oh my god you look amazing and this and that it doesn't make you feel really good it makes you feel really good I went to a retirement party and I showed up there and I had some people a lot of people just in all in just like oh my god you look so good my body because I've lost the weight and my skin and everything and I just I had a lot of eyes on me so good for you you know that's that's and you should feel good about yourself and you have more confidence yeah when I came to you I was on high blood pressure medication because the blood pressure had also gotten out of control and my doctor was watching my sugar she kept coming creamy gonna stop you gotta stop because you're gonna be on medicine when you walk out of here on diabetes you're going to be on five minutes right off the bat so I was at the top of that range for diabetes and also my cholesterol so go to this program I am off high blood pressure medication because my blood pressure is normal my cholesterol went down seventy one points I am no longer on diabetes watch my sugars are fabulous and the right range I need to be and what eighty two pounds I mean who would have thought I didn't I know and people you know the number one thing that we hear literally and I'm not kidding you is sometimes all have people on the show and they'll say you know I have to tell you I was really skeptical people don't believe it they can't wrap their head around it because all the diets out there are backwards they're taking people down the wrong way and we're doing it correctly by getting to the actual cause of what research has shown we'll give you a health your metabolism and how did you like our hydration process that was actually a great benefit once we started down that road with a hydration you could see what was happening in your system you can feel it you can and when I going to get wait in the scale on that the machine would tell me exactly what's going on my body so once I was able to see that with what I was taking I was a believer I was a believer from there forward and so we've lived that all the way out to today we still worry about hydration and will route and it's it's a big deal I now yeah I'm people think I'm drinking plenty of water I can tell you Michael is that I drink so much water but I'm thirsty I don't you know I mean what I'm.

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