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You're brave enough noon. I was gonna say to in six on with dallas young there. I can see them beating the giants. And i could see them. Taking the atlanta game or denver. Amazing is washington is favored for their thursday night. Game against new york. They are at the moment. We're having this conversation. Two days removed from losing their starting quarterback and they are favored over new york giants team. That is pretty much fully healthy at least on offense which is amazing. You had a heartache. No hidden on job like suck something i like. I was just kinda surprised that they were like yeah. Ryan fitzpatrick agreed. So was this not like in the cards down the line anyways where they feel like they probably have prepared for this scenario. And i don't know how bad they actually are gonna look so we'll see tony. You didn't totally pay a record in six one seven oh a danni has amended. His selection by the way says fine. I changed my mind. I'm brave enough to do that. I'm saying to and six. That's my. I think universally think they can still go out there and beat the giants would be really bad for new york and you know i think they get one out of atlanta or denver. But they're not gonna give. Both i agree burns. Says what does vegas no talking about. Washington being favorites in this game again. I've seen the line at three three and a half. I think burns. Vegas knows who. Jason curtis i mean. I think that's that's the answer and donny notes. As well the giants did swift washington last year. So you know. It's going to be some weird football on on thursday night. I'm very confident of that. At least meg. I want to go to you first year because if anyone's ever listened to gross talking boys you know full of energy full of sunshine full of good times lots of laughs but the end always has one signature line. Cfe e. p. f. n. i think the appropriate acronyms so may argue at all nervous about the philadelphia. Eagles who beat the atlanta falcons thirty to six. Are you worried. You're the top philly hater really ever in the world countdown. good job. We're all proud of you've seriously for that if you're watching. Are you worried about philly. I mentioned tom brady had to top. Pf grade for quarterbacks overall passing perspective jalen hurts had the second highest grade so not a total fluke of a win definitely impressive. where i'm.

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