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Bring me on how you doing today. I'm great i'm out here. Raiders training camp. And that's why. I brought you on. Because i really wanted to get your take on some things. I know people told me all the time that phil jones. Nfl on twitter is the guy to follow when you want. Good raiders content when you're looking for nfl content. So i really wanted to get some takes from you on what you're seeing right. Now with raiders training camp. And i'm gonna start here. Because this is something i saw you put out on twitter with Mario just your take right now. What you think you've seen out of some of the tape and some of the looks from marcus. Mariota coming in to the season with the raiders. Well this is one thing that stuck out to me just gone back from the all season. I know a lot of people who had to talk. Mariota could be traded to the patriots or he could be a trade option to washington football team or even chicago. But it just didn't sit right with me and the you also look at jon gruden. John ru didn't really get a chance to use marcus mariota last year because one. He was out injured and came back late. You know we get them a when car had went down and you saw what he could do. And that's a guy that if he's number two you want to hold onto him and you can not just having waiting in the wing. You can have him in certain packages all fence and also use them in the red zone. And that's something that the raiders are gonna need. They're gonna need everything possible to help them become better. Ribs zone offense specially in the second half of the season. That's something that. I asked josh jacobs about today. In fact he spoke here on. Friday at raiders. Training camp and i asked him about that. Because you know. And i know that he talks a lot to marcus allen. He's been kind of a mentor to josh. Over the years and marcus allen had these ways getting into the red zone. That would just like ed get people so excited and infuse more importantly the other opposing defenses so If anything what do you hope that josh jacobs can take away from marcus allen in learning what to do with some of the takes in the red zone to convert.

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