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Eight had their own currency and sometimes they wouldn't exchange change it back and forth and so Eventually you know they came up with triple currency but you had to go through a crappy situation of the Federal Reserve. I you know what I just saw the story Peter Schiff his wallet got whatever he lost. I always crypto. Now whatever crypto he had and he goes now that he wanted to use it and he goes back and he goes. Oh this wallet. Interface won't take my password and the southern the Wallet told you see I Peter Schiff a lot and everybody's saying he forgot his password but that's not what he's saying. He's saying that that the passwords not working and he knows that the right password. Yeah no I've had the same problem. Immuno- blockchain dot info has is used the first Phone one added issues. You know and I got a billion dollars over there somewhere the this this tenth ladder we have captain mark. Yada Yada Yada Yada. There was a point on that we sought refuge in Cyberspace Pioneers of our own digital wilderness holderness but the crown came again ravenous for any set of trade or treasure again we were hunted and our assets seized freedom exists just beyond the crowns grasp grasp and we declare without reservation that we intend to leave when we take to the sky. How high must we reach your type bins on my thing? how high we reach the stratosphere the magnetosphere the moon how large is the crown sphere of control. The crown has no claim over any celestial body so we will become celestial bodies. Now that right there when we do the pioneers of our own digital wilderness but the crown came ravenous for any sense of trader treasure. Now in Oh two and two. I filed initiative that sat there for a decade on the city of Phoenix. That said Ed and you only get like three months of signatures ninety days at their good so I kept filing no activity report. But it's kept sitting there. Go ahead Piss me off and I'll do this and it was a city charter change. That said that they could not. The city of Phoenix could not collect tax revenue on Internet sales. And when I I did already we're not GONNA do that. I go yeah well followed anyway I would just keep it here and that's just all there were just all Ernie's going. Oh we want to earn a wall. There are pissed and finally they did a passable ordinance or law to be able to take it off or something I could like. Yeah whatever you know. 'cause I knew they were going to do what they're gonNA do but I wanted to make it clear that we understood no matter what they're saying they're lions access. Not so this is what we're talking about. We created our own Digital Wilderness who went to cyberspace hyperspace. We got away from you. Earn their and then all of a sudden here you're saying do they hunt you and they take your assets. I give you jobe weeks. They took all his stuff Iressa. So I've been kind of all on that but not recently He's in New Jersey now. They moved them around all over. The place got him and he has a bail hearing be if he can be bailed out pending trial or whatever and begin February. Sorry I think and so right ladders and the judge and you know and let my people go and it's and he's Jobe. He's he's lost like thirty pounds. He said the food sucks so he just lose weight your I think he's happy about that anyway. But his wife Stephanie. And his baby liberty They're perfectly welcome invited them just come hang out here. They feel like they may and it's she's moving there to be closer to them so that they can visit more and but they're they charged him with all kinds of Ponzi. Your bad something. I don't know what it is because I I didn't read. We put it up on frames Phoenix. We had the paperwork island in the paperwork. It says that no. But that's that's what my opinion is is he went to F- signs him. Jeff Berwick and lucrative Hausky just went jobe stayed on the boat route. You know 'cause they're coming. You know the machine guns in. Yeah so we got to see jeopardy run but the This This this community. I've been doing this probably longer than most of the guys you know since the late eighties. And how are you not a lot of trouble all the time. Well it's not that I am not trying but it's a different tactic. I just do it a little bit differently because I understand what the end goal is is and it's not a lot of people go in it to make money and they wanted you know resort my database proprietary wherever the crap. That's not me so i. That's not not a vector that they get me from and it's just general not after an individual particular anything. It's just a crown in general and that's why we you do it this way. The crown the crown the crown the crown the crown this idea government that we created so it's not them. That's the problem it's us. And because there's there's always this four or five percent associate passed a rule everybody in for their pleasure. And don't have any empathy no care. It's just quit giving them a badge you know. Here's a gone on a clipboard and a badge. Yeah you know I was just stupid so I'm just I'm really. I'm advocating against that. So this strip going to make sure we come by visit. We gotta go by visit. Thomas we did on Or tried to on our way in October. We went by there but it was raining. We couldn't help them cut wood and then so we have another French ruin saw another friend Greg Tibnin that lives in bunker Missouri which is Raleigh around there somewhere for. And how far away from there are you. I think it's about two and a half hours three now. We need to get you guys hooked up we go around there. Maybe we'll pick them up. Pick boss over or something like that and now we got a lot of work to do. Today it's been great spending time with the. I'm glad you came on Neil all said hey and when we get done with this you know I guess you can read along what we'll do is I'll leave the youtube channel going gene and I'll check in on every now and then if you guys WanNa comment while we do the letter good now. We'll do that and and you got got. How long do we do because we had to go to the meeting last night? We're almost late. You know and uh make you left now so it was now. What would you think of that? You know how we do. Yep that's typically how I write to. I usually get it all out. Get the whole general thought. And then I pick it down into the most clarifying in words avoid duplicates we spend. That was one thing that's interesting. We spent a lot of time on the words and they won one if they have a pirate nautical meeting kind of thing that helps and if they do you go. Look it up like you know. Davi came up with this in every age. The crown establishes its institutional belligerency. And I go well. It's war machine. You knows what he's saying. Basically but I looked up you know. Belligerency belligerency I.

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