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W. J. traffic team on ways from the adult out motor group twenty four hour traffic center Tracy macaskill W. W. changes radio nine fifty accu weather meteorologist in divorce as we could see a few showers on and off throughout the afternoon into early evening our high today near fifty a teenager will turn breezy and cold we could see some flurries late on the loan you're thirty two and then tomorrow some more rain maybe even a few snow showers through early afternoon otherwise it will be breezy and cloudy chilly with a high near forty six a right now at Detroit metro it is cloudy forty degrees this is no ordinary sub shop this is firehouse subs tired of overpriced lunch is that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse subs we are for a limited time you can get a four ninety nine choice up choose from a medium smoked Turkey Virginia honey ham or roast beef get custom made hot subs at a price ready made to make you smile just four ninety nine only a firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations plus tax on the time of the prices may vary for delivery to take this station with you wherever you go download the radio dot com app today and listen to this station and over three hundred other stations with the radio dot com app you could favor your top stations for easy access and receive alerts with breaking this contest opportunities and more to favor to station just click on the heart icon in the upper left hand corner of your favorite stations logo go to your apps store a radio dot com slash download and start listening today radio dot com four weeks number one station news radio nine fifty WG U. S. stocks jumped this morning after the federal reserve made an emergency rate cut to help shield the economy from the impact of the corona virus outbreak CBS news special report coming right up also ahead ration I two seventy five after the driver steps out of the car that vehicle is replaced you know I'm really doing good morning I'm Brooke Allen for WWJ newsradio nine fifty also coming up this half hour we'll talk sports with junior cheese at eleven forty five now let's go to CBS news at eleven thirty one CBS news special report the federal reserve cuts interest rates by a half point in a bid to sue the economy as it weathers the impact of the corona virus business analyst Jill Slazenger it's hard to say whether this move is going to really change the pattern of what we've seen in the market place the fact that the fed cuts interest rates may not stave off that potential liability to the economy stocks rallied on the news but now the Dow was off five hundred points the CDC says all public health lab should be able to test for the virus by the end of the week Dr Anthony Fauci says a vaccine could be developed within six to eight weeks to make sure it's safe and we may need to make sure it works that entire process will take at least a year in a year and a half governor Andrew Cuomo says there's a second coronavirus case in New York gentleman had an underlying respiratory illness and he is ill and he is hospitalized CBS news special report I'm Steve K. fin you're listening to WWJ newsradio nine fifty in Detroit the time eleven thirty two there have now been six deaths in the United States to the coronavirus as eleven states have now reported cases about fifty people in a nursing home in Kirkland Washington are being tested for the virus after showing symptoms CBS news correspondent.

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