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Side and chewing up yards into new england territory a gain of seven roll the biggest gone the field if the right tackle the bar offline and he actually dominates on that way creating a nice seat for doug mark doug want the guy who's rushbo the 14hour yards two seasons in this league he is a great back warning is healthy and he's on the field not being spent he's got patients she's got power and he remains in there with nine and a half to go on the first they'll keep it on the ground mark against spindler keeps the lake journey but could not break away from adam butler getting the startup fraught allen branch did not make the trip to tampa a veteran in is back in the new england area butlers up front with flowers malcolm ground lawrence guy linebackers robert hightower and van noy ended a secondary gilmore chung mccourty and butler a loss of one in the play toronto arm in in as the nickel so brings up third in short third and manageable here for tampa bay winston with the play clock down to five martin luther franks him to the right winston out on a guy to receivers lecture to the right withdrawal to the near side at it's top line friday hit martin whose diminutive any put it over his head mortgage five foot nine that's on jamus bed exactly what they wanted after designed way they won the two receivers to the y off and they naturally pit mccourty who's it man coverage on the back gathered back doug more that's an easy throw that's an inaccurate go by james winter lee sought by tom brady now davis went to these corvettes right now are on target so a promising dried ends weekly wash from new wave len anger handles it with a high point sailing into.

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