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But there is an individual two, boys. There is a massive occurrence on Friday night, medium impact, Brian's loss, Lomas nights, traveled to mill valley to take on my Tam red tail comb, Murph all of us are coming over. He blew a thirteen point lead and lost to them, Las Lomas. Drove across the Richmond bridge. He will often Kate even though the game was on textile. I didn't even know man. I text them because I was watching on Instagram solid. I was watching it on Instagram live, and I was bombed. I was like, oh, what a bummer we live. We both thirteen point lead. Well, Las Lomas now earns a bid in the semifinals against m c h Adam. Catholic. So it's copes as Moreau Catholic against MIB's. I'm getting the feeling like the whole set. The I said, I just stirred it up. I was like you two need to go at it. I said I'm installing Moreau as an eleven point five Siamese fighting fish hammered. I went right on he said, I'm on Marrone. I'm giving them eleven. And. In texas. I said the early money went so strong Moreau. I'm readjusting align to twelve and a half. I said I'll Hamrick take twelve and a half. Yeah. So Sando on it. So it's a twelve and a half point spread on tonight's Moreau Catholic, Lois. Yeah. It sounds like benefit Tommy's kind of forced into this. Like, he doesn't even really know. Maybe care quoted Travis Scott, though, he's really like High School Athletic. He loves daddy says the dog, isn't that from whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So let's go Frank night morale. So tonight, if you guys need a little need a little action, it's copes given twelve and a half to Las Lomas. Wow. Where where the steak sandwich from where could be anywhere. Oh, oh, no. We're going to lose lose sandwich spots over here on pine. Okay. I don't know it. Good spot. We'll go over there. Every once in a while. We'll kind of stuff to they have a loose. Everything had a everything has been packed. Brian is usually a question very rarely do you get a statement? I'll get questions via tax and a lot of times this late like ten thirty on a Sunday night on your what's the best Beatles album. I know like random stuff, I'm like, dude. Talk to me tomorrow curiosity of that kid is second to none. So anyway, the the Padres are now the number one free agent spending team in all based Hodge raise through Lucas Padres. Lucas. You know what I'm saying? Look at a competence Padres too. Yeah. I'm gonna make a call right now. They don't win the west this year. Who does dodgers? Okay. I'm sick of that. Remember when two thousand fifteen sixty nine camp and shields and all those guys and everyone thought they're gonna win the division. I brought this up yesterday. What happened? I think they blew up halfway through the year. You never know where they got no pitching. What about the giants going out there and win in ninety games for Boetsche? You know? Got quiet in here. Have we not added camp Cameron mayb into the mix and not prime Mabon? And there was one other come on. Solarte's that happened when we were here. We did we did talk. Let me just say this. I'm just gonna say say far is the genius, right? He's the next gen and I'm on board. Although I have to say. No move to small Mark gonna confess. I'm gonna confess that the thought of a Mike Scheldt pencil-pushing coming in here and this team becoming a bunch of maximum tees and all that is I'm a little bummed. I'm a little I'm sort of getting a little nostalgic for the old Peter McGowan, I need bonds. I need dusty. I check back if they win I'll be in. I'll be in. But I will how about this. If Bobby Evans signed Cameron Mabon drought apar- for his outfield. Would we be ripping them? Thirty both guys are north of thirty. I guess the big reason why we wouldn't be amazed because four hundred at super cheap super cheap. Yeah. Bobby might have given them three years thirty million Murph when you say pencil pushers. They're the kind of guys that Bobby Evans brought in they're done. Right. But he spent that's the that's the point is is far Hong getting those guys if Bobby didn't paint him into a corner with the contract. She has right now. I feel like the guys four homes going to bring it up, and they might not be good baseball players. But that'd be really good. Maybe they can help my kids with their calculus. We're going to be doing a tutoring program, which you guys see some are quote. I have it on a did you guys up right now? He's. He said you're going to see he said Boches the last of a breed, you're gonna see thirty puppets out there. I know what he said there's some bad blood out there some anger now come into the surf, by the way, the word is smarter looks good. That's what I'm saying. He's throwing like full steam to. I'm starting to get a like a swell of pro some feelings, and maybe what we've been waiting. Now, we need to turn like where we're going to get like the angry van rocker roller more. Because he's he's ticked at the whole sick of all of it like the openers. He didn't like to change because he sees it as two things to affronts to him one. He's his contract is being used as the example of a contract you never give anymore. So he's probably a little little wounded by ripping my contract. I'm Jeff Amarjit. Can I get a little lover into? Yeah. He prides himself in being the seven eight inning guy. And they're saying we don't need that anymore. He said he has eight hurdles to hit this spring. Bullpen session. Heavy bullpen session. Lied BP session. And then five cactus leaks starts is the first one. Yep. And he got his first APMT's anything he felt very over hurdles one see him pitch. And we're down there. Probably will they said they might give him one of the first five day pitch. We'll see them by the way, this coming Saturday last Saturday was the last Saturday without baseball until November. It's pretty good. I like that we have every from starting to think about that. When you started with. I don't know if the giants will be playing until November, but somebody with somebody and then Finally I teased it. So we got to deliver after all this according to fill material in the chronicle. The raiders will be playing in all likelihood back where they started years possible. Oakland Coliseum was we'll get extended stay sometimes you got to travel far to find home as where your heart is home. Sweet home, the journey leads back home here. He is according to fill material announcement expected this week or early next week put the pies on the windowsill Malla coming home. Oh. It is this year, and maybe even twenty years stadium opening I thought it was. Construction delays. Maybe zoning in Vegas. Forget about it. You need the likes of a Pete from almost kind of happy for my.

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