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FM ninety six point one eight overseas full steam ahead to Monday in Iowa fox news I'm C. J. pop of the candidates making the rounds in Iowa pressing the flesh in every corner of the Hawkeye state former south bend mayor people to judge holding a rally in old winds Saturday this is a moment where we actually get to respond to those things going on in Washington that are so frustrating and discouraging take impeachment you know today the Senate is the jury but tomorrow we're the jury and we get the opportunity to send the final message the caucuses art Monday February third secretary state Mike Pompeii at the US embassy in Kazakhstan Sunday warning authorities but the country to be worried about Russia and Chinese investment in influence he also met with epic because X. whose families have gone missing or been detained in China's crackdown on Muslims is state of the union Tuesday night boxes Kevin Cork has more on the president's speech but they will be the great American come back the president we are told by our sources will lay out a vision of relentless optimism and expect them to really touch on about five really major issues he's gonna talk a great deal about the blue collar bone that's something we have heard a great deal about feel talk about supporting working families lowering the cost of healthcare that should also be a key safe and legal immigration emphasis on the word legal and protecting national security mode over on Capitol Hill to be candid the rancor indoors with Democrats fuming over the sentence and willingness to add to the seventeen house witnesses a fifteen year old boy in a forty seven year old man are shot dead at a funeral in Florida cop city gunfire erupted after the ceremony leaving one person wounded as well this happening just after two thirty Saturday at the victory city church in Riviera beach which is a suburb of west Palm Beach cops say a family beef leads to the shooting back if the pastors claim saying the victim's insurer knew each other and a result of this training relatives of the deceased American was in a box news he is back the award winning journalist returns with an unflinching look at the border crisis what I care about is one thing the truth and she's taking on the mainstream media tackling the issues that matter to America one story at a time we see this but we don't have a scene where they go we don't know what they've been through this together you can see on their faces this is my core these guys are runners they're not going to give themselves up it's all happening yes this is what you're used to okay yes three of those religions that's not the case and we all have families we're here to protect our borders a third country having the freedom to take on tough subjects and tell it like it is that what we have a fox nation that's what sets us apart no bias no nonsense Lara Logan has no agenda the must see docu series is available now only on fox nation start your free trial let boxnation dot com two men wanted in a hearing last month in Seattle arrested in Nevada on Saturday cops in Seattle say the man shot and killed one person injured seven others on January twenty second marquees Tolbert and willing tolerable twenty four were named as suspects by police last week and officials say they both have like the criminal records police say the woman killed in the shooting was fifty year old Tanya Jackson a resident of a group housing facility it's not grabbing the front page like the Iowa caucuses but early voting begins Monday in California's democratic presidential primary for the first time people who live in the state can register to vote all the way up to and including election day polling places California carries a rep of taking its time and counting the votes in this could slow down the process even more the actual primary is March third to the Superbowl his team flew through the regular season but was grounded by Tennessee and a huge upset but in Miami it couldn't have been a great Saturday night for Baltimore Ravens quarterback no surprise Lamar Jackson took on the top or the animal honor ceremony here in Miami earning MVP honors unanimously after season that saw him set a new single season rushing record for quarterbacks and throw thirty six TD passes Jackson a first rate ever win Most Valuable Player in the seventh year in a row QB has one meantime Jackson's head coach John Harbaugh took home coach of the year honors his fellow former Heisman Trophy winner Arizona Cardinals QB calorie name the offensive rookie of the year Nick post of the San Francisco forty Niners taking defensive rookie of the year from the NFL honors ceremony in Miami man apartado fox news pick up between San Francisco and Kansas city on fox begins at six thirty a thirty three year old man from southern California convicted of illegally owning a tiger cub seen on YouTube Nicholas Perkins repair with controversial YouTube start Logan Paul gets three years probation nearly six thousand dollars in fines and has to pay fifty two thousand dollars in vet bills that's according to the LA city attorney California department of fish and wildlife investigators figured out from Instagram post when they saw the animal mean another eight point six million views.

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