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So welcome to the program. Ted. Thank you. Hey, we're talking before we got on air Virgil, saying, very interesting underlying interesting background. And we started by saying you don't have a high school diploma. So what did you tell the audience how that happened? Sure. People often ask me how I got involved in the forensic work that I do I grew up overseas in the Caribbean South America and east Africa and at eight sixteen my father disappeared in Africa, and you candy Africa. And nobody knew what had happened to him. So I came back to the United States just before my seventeenth birthday. I had not gone to high school in the United States not on to tenth eleventh or twelfth grade, and I was essentially orphan and penniless. Since my father had disappeared in east Africa. And they couldn't find his body is the state couldn't be pro his life insurance. Come is white insurance wouldn't pay his social security social security survivor benefits wouldn't pay he was missing and presumed but not legally declared dead. So fortunately on the education front. I was able within the year. I was accepted early in the college. And so I went straight into college after tenth grade without ever getting a high school diploma. So the the bad news is I never got a high school diploma. The good news is I got accepted in the college early. And he went to law school and all that. Yeah. After graduating from college, I would law school and became a lawyer after that, and it was a it was a very difficult time and. And that experience of I had to bring a lawsuit against a foreign dictator against media being the president of Uganda international law suit, hiring a team of lawyers in Washington DC. So that kind of compelled me to to consider a career law. I would not have gone for law school. I can tell you right now at my.

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