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I came across something in the last couple of weeks. During some downtime than i thought i would share for older folks that that appreciate the three personalities. I'm gonna mention. And i'll just take a moment because this is a diversion from the issues of the day but it was too much fun not to share it with you. It is frank sinatra sitting in the seats closest johnny carson and to sinatra's right Further away from. Johnny carson is don rickles and frank sinatra is bragging on don rickles and talking about that basically warning people to understand you. Think don rickles funny from his standup yeah no idea. And he's such a complete legend when you consider that. This is frank sinatra. Who is telling that this happened and what he did to sinatra. Anyway this this this was on the johnny carson show. Can i tell a story about this. Man did to me once you may have known heard about. This was true story. This is a long time ago. Long before don got married. I was eating dinner at a restaurant in new york and Sick with some friends and he came over to the table and he said frank. Do me a favor. He said i'm sitting with a very pretty girl and trying to make up. And he said i told her i know you and she really doesn't believe it. Would you stop by the table. I said all right. I've just about finished down express. And i finally went back and i walked by the table and i said how i don nice to see. See how meeting franklin on wednesday we will hear in response to senator ted cruz leadership that republicans need to let it go. Public need to let it go. It is it is for the voters and you shouldn't be objecting. Well here is. Here is some audio of democrats in two thousand and two thousand four objecting to counting votes in the electoral college. The chair now hands to the tellers. The certificate of the elect doors for president and vice president of the state of florida. Mr president objection is in writing signed by number of members of the house of representatives. But not by member of the senate mr president i stand for the purpose of the checked into the counting the vote than the state of florida as read mr president i arrive on rise on behalf of the congressional black caucus to object to the twenty five electoral votes from florida president. Thank you for your it isn't writing is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of americans who have been disenfranchised by florida's and accurate vote count. The is the objection. Signed by. senator. What mr trump mr president. I am objecting to to the idea that votes in florida. We're not counted will report the injection. We a member of the house of representatives and the united states senator object to the content counting of the electoral votes of the state of ohio on the ground. They were not under all of the known. Circumstances regularly given signed stephanie. Tubbs jones state of ohio barbara boxer state of california the objection today is raised because they're irregularities across this country with regard to voting and we as a congress have an obligation to step up to the plate incorrect correct them mr speaker and members. I dedicate my objection to ohio's electoral votes to mr michael moore the producer of the documentary. Nine eleven of all. We're here because not a single election. Official in ohio has given us any explanation for the massive and widespread irregularities in the state no explanation for the machines in mahoning county that recorded kerry votes for bush. Our people are dying all over the world a lot for my state for what reason to bring democracy to the far corners of the world. Let's fix it here and let's do it first thing out. Thank you very much stacey. Abrams has been the leader of those are all democrats by stacey. Abrams has been the leader of the left movement. To take georgia. It is a goal of theirs to expand into southern conservative. republican states and the recipe is race baiting. The black voters in the major urban areas although georgia has a number of rural farmers who were black with some debate over the last few days from from several commentators in the state as to whether those black voters might vote leffler up sorry might vote for purdue because of efforts purdue made With with some farm relief bills and things like that and i guess that remains to be seen rural voters behave differently than urban voters and that is also true for blacks although to a lesser extent than it is with whites and hispanics. But be that as it may when you when you look at the efforts by stacey abrams who ran for governor and then refuse to concede claiming that she had one in fact. We jokingly still call her the governor because she's never never said she wasn't she still thinks she's the governor. She's not the governor. She didn't win but the recipe is outraged. Black voters you have to. You have to gin up all the racism thing cheating which she has organization's behind her. Who helped to do this. And and you can see it in play. You can see it in play. There was a case that was brought in georgia over the last few weeks where they learned that the county registrar when somebody would move from their house in. Let's say their house was residents a in it moved to residents be. The allegation was that they stayed on the roles at a even though they're registered at be which would allow them to vote in the state using two different households where they're registered twice. So the case is brought before the court of stacey. Abrams sister barack obama appointee considering that her sister stacey abrams is leading democratic efforts democrat in the state of georgia. She has a conflict and she is supposed to recuse herself as ted cruz made very clear. These are the. These are the canons of of judicial ethics. Everyone knows did she recuse herself. Hell no she said this is exactly why. I'm on the bench so that i can help lay the groundwork for the democrat cheating. That case didn't get a lot of attention. Of course she ruled. She overruled the the objections and you can presumably now vote to different locations will think about that if you had.

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