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Who who who's who's the worst seem eastern michigan has lost to i don't think they played akron are they did lose their ohio so there's franks all h frank soler ohio's pretty good well akron is worse than ohio but they haven't played akron up be that as it may well i'm given texas the a transitive non transitive hypothetical lost to akron we can i mean we can probably work at that way because akron beat western michigan and western beat eastern okay yeah so we can get there eastern lost a western western lost to akron there is your connection akron is better than the university of texas the big 12 should abandon taxes and replace it with akron um for the for the zepce network from richard the the full quote i will read it in the entire thing i want to hear how my mississippi stable dogs defeated the alabama crimson tide if that is a bridge too far understand damn we picked a bad week to read this kono i i do this on purpose 'cause i'm a mean person uh workers i mean richard already knows how is mississippi state bulldogs defeat alabama chris tied happened last make sure did took him to the wire it was what was it twenty 424 something like that banda's drive in calvin ridley is running toward the end zone in bam the sniper got him no damn obama scored but then scored two quick scored to score two quick turnaround in nick fitzgerald through reliable mary nobody expected on on that hail mary from like the 32 it it it you know lake it didn't fly like in with twenty yards out of the end zone he threw it like stray up like he was plan that tank game 5 hunt yeah like his planned five hundred the tank game review angle the terrance sure easters straily up in it flew for like a minute and then it came down so fast it was with lynn landed right in a bulldogs arms and then they and then they went for two in it was it was i only remember it but it was really cool and they'd knocked off the tide um bulldog number one now yep it looked at each decide.

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