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Than otto mack out ready billy north and brett butler boy that's those are some outfielders up and then the pictures vita mike ruko at lee hamik or scott cooper else bill lasky kelly dan's deidra vecchi fred brining out holland gary lavelle greg minton mark davis frank williams jim got rick russia will joe price craig leopards mike lacoss mark grant terry mulholland steve bridge erosion or done robinson so i know that's a lot of names but for me if i had to pick the top three from me of the 80s and nato i came are if you care to get into this so we could fool around with this just a little bit on our show for me will clarke uh of that whole list he would be the man of the 80s and of course came up in eighty six and then the playoffs eighty seven and of course in eighty nine ended up in the world series but i'd say will clark is that would be the first one for me for the for the face of the 80s then after that it becomes interesting i think i would go within other clark i probably will take jack clark so i take will clark and jack clark as the as the top two and as the third one maybe robby thompson maybe go robby thompson more than one of than than the pitcher's robby thompson was someone who teamed with the rebate second baseman some going to go well clark jack clark in robby thompson for my three added the 80s uh wrath matt what do you think on that i like it i i would throw matt williams in there may maybe adding of okay error or three point one okay and you would take out robby thompson put matt williams maybe okay no i that's welltaken area yeah he didn't he didn't show up until at eighty nine eighty seven or so uh yes semi then he was awful for a couple of your diet right any put it together but yeah okay i'll take matt williams over robby thompson i'll go well clark jack clark than matt williams.

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