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On all roofing materials. A man from Newport News has been arrested after a shooting and Fairfax County last Wednesday. County police have charged 20 year old Jolin keen with the deadly shooting of Samuel Own Yuka in only occurs hometown of rest in, police say both men attended South Lakes High School in the city. Major Ed Oh, Carol says Keane left rested after the shooting and the car he was driving was later found in Newport News. First Homicide of the year. Perfects County And the arrest and apprehension of the accused was an example of the exceptional multijurisdictional and interagency team effort. Police in Newport News arrested keen late Friday night, Major Oh, Carol says he hopes Keane will be extradited to Fairfax County later this week. Gene is charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. A sheriff's deputy who was shot last month is now out of the hospital and recovering at home. Got a big salute is he headed back to familiar surroundings? Loudon County Sheriff Mike Chapman says hundreds turned out to offer well wishes to deputy first class Cameron Gentry on his road to recovery, so much community support and I think there really is a reflection on the way people feel about Deputy Gentry and another members of La County Sheriff's Office deputy Gentry was shot multiple times while taking a man into custody at the Wal Mart at Dulles Crossing Plaza. January 2nd two loss prevention officers were also shot. Ah, go Fund me page for wounded Deputy Gentry has set a goal of $125,000. Dick Uliano w. T. O P News Elementary school students who chose two day a week in person instruction will be back in Loudon County classrooms on Tuesday. Middle and high schoolers can come back March 3rd. But there's a lot involved before the kids can get through the doors, they apparent will have to fill out a symptom checker Online before sending their taking kids to school thermal cameras have been installed at the most used entrances of all schools. Those scan up to 45 people per second and identify anyone with a temperature over 100.4. Students with the temperature in.

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