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This is the dan lebatardshow with two got spot casts a couple of reporters from the olympics to guts. And we have been remiss in not bringing this up yet because it is. And i don't care what anyone says about the world catching up. It is surprising to see our usa basketball team filled with all stars. Losing this way. And i know gregg popovich wants us to celebrate the french. Evan for free agent to be. Evan forni a and rudy gobert and nicolas batum and i understand what he is saying every time he says it disrespects the world to expect us to just go out there and blow everyone out but we have the best players we have the most all-stars we have the most accomplished coach and it is surprising to see them. Lose this much. Lose this way no matter what it is that you think about international rules handcuffing the kind of athleticism that our guys have that the other team simply don't have even though luca's line yesterday was was ridiculous. To god's forty eight eleven and five in thirty one minutes on sixteen two percent shooting. The world has caught up in a way that i believe is super surprising. Even as popovich tells us to quit being surprised but the headline on. Dan wilkins column in usa. Today after this loss was time to face facts nba. Coaching legacy legend gregg. Popovich stinks at olympic basketball. And joe vardon is writing to be clear popovich's horrified by his own record coaching this team. He dwells on it and hates the losing. The players are frustrated to grumbling on their way back to the locker room about quote running the san antonio offense when apparently they feel like they're better ideas and papa said because of the truncated nature of team. Usa's training camp. The offense would be based on concepts instead of set play. I don't care what the players have to say dan. I really don't. It just doesn't matter to me doesn't hold wait. Listen that offense was good enough to have them up. Double digits late night game and up seven with. I think three or four minutes ago and they couldn't put that team away. They have kevin durant damian lower. They have some of the best players in the world. They have a really really good team despite having javale mcgee on that team but they have a really good team. I don't want to hear from the players. I don't care what offense you're running. I don't care what who your coaches. I don't care what's going on europe double digits against an inferior team. Put the game away. I don't want to hear from that okay. You said that four times and you didn't hear from players. I was quoting writers there. Were there weren't players saying anything they don't want to hear the reports. That players are frustrated with greg papa. Jimothy game away. But you didn't hear okay. You didn't hear that. just fix it. I don't care if i'm coaching your coaching. He's coaching. I don't care who's coaching team. When you're up double digits on the french and the second half of olympic game. Put the game away. Thank you stu. Office was fine to give them up double digit. Okay you you mentioned all this. I would like to explore the next step beyond the easy stand. How embarrassing it is that. Our basketball team is losing more games than it ever has in this tournament. The thing that i think is so is. I believe popovich's olympic winning percentage is worse than it san antonio spurs winning percentage and all of the dismissive the condescension when reporters asked you questions. The grumpiness right whole hell of a lot less charming when you're not winning when you order looking like you have the clearly best players and you're not winning right when your smarts aren't doing anything when we know you have the best dudes like we're watching and we know who those guys are and what they are is not even -fornia. It's kevin durant out there looking in effective out of nowhere. right damian. lillard was bad bad. Yup i mean they have many open shots at the end of that game wide open threes..

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