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US Only I'm Paul Boating Loss with traffic on the fives follows on Twitter at WNBC Traffic. Randy Allah swish TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony. Getting out to a cloudy dry start. That's going to change her later today. I think this afternoon mainly from the I 70 Corridor south for some snow showers coming in. Here in the city fell a dusting maybe a quarter inch of snow. But you get down here south of Bloomington south like LAMAs. Maybe a couple of inches of snowfall by later today so friendly south and watch out for that high of 33 For tonight, Chance for some evening flurries lows around 20. Thursday Friday some Sunshine 32 tomorrow 33 on Friday. It looks like Tony got to watch out a more potent someone comes in grabs a wintry mix developing by late Saturday and Sunday. There is a potential there could be a heavy snow band setting up across Indiana right now, the most likely spot, probably the northern half of the state. And again they'll be I get get going here late Saturday, continuing into the day on Sunday. Now how much snow are we getting? And how far away is this sledding? Yeah, well, I'll come over to your house here. Go sledding in your backyard. Um, you know, I just say this is too early Put numbers out. Some of the computer models are spinning out a good six inches plus from Indian northward starting Saturday night into Sunday, would that will probably change back and forth right now. That's the latest thinking, maybe six inches plus, potentially from my from Indy northward during the latter part of the weekend way with everyone Just just stop Tony Katz 93. W I. B. C Hey, don't even play the sounder. Stay with me for a second. I want to make sure I heard you. Yeah, You're telling me that this weekend This weekend coming up. We could see six inches of snow from from from 70 north. Yeah, That's what the miles was showing now, But I know I know Tony. A lot of listeners air going. Oh, yeah. We've been down this road before. I'll believe it. When I see ever say Shin. Randy is not whether or not we think you are a liar who possibly Possibly would would would tell us untruth just to make us crazy. We believe that but the question here now six inches. Yeah, well, I won't say what couple miles they're going. They're going six inches plus cross the northern half of the state. But, you know, the track is critical here will see. I'm kind of in the group Cherie. I'll believe it when I see it, But there's three models now showing this so I gotta Lisa mentioned the possibility of that occurring. So when will you When will you feel confident? About what's coming. And where will we be on.

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