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Oh, they'll have like all the legends. They'll just come out and wave and that's it. Just like always, like, oh, great. That's awesome. Live via satellite, stone cold. What? All right. Love your last legends night. It opened with a cell phone, a yellow cell phone, and Hulk Hogan goes a voice-over. You've heard of the iPhone brother. Well, this is the H phone. It was like. And our mom watched it. And she just was like, what the fuck is this? And I said, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. And then we go, this is why the podcast is doing so well. Because he even goes like you can Twitter, you can Instagram, you can YouTube. You can YouTube. You can't YouTube. You can be a YouTuber. Did he write this script? Oh, God. Just can't wait for retro raw. Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh my God. The H phone. What the. Is it for sale? Nope. It doesn't even exist. Did you say you have the right to be an astronaut? You do have the right to be enough. Uh, PWInsider reports that talent heading to Saudi Arabia for crown jewel will need a negative COVID test before departing, as well as being vaccinated. So I guess there's a maybe there's a chance Goldberg lastly doesn't happen. Cross your fingers. Oh, you know, yeah, never know. So these days. Also, fightful reported that WWE has canceled the TLC pay per view for December since they're doing the day one pay per view on January 1st. Day, oh, right. So they're counting. They're calling it day one, day one because and it's Saturday. So there's two Saturday pay per views in January. Oh, it's Saturday again. Rumble. We already know that. Yeah, because of remember because they pushed back the Super Bowl. So now, that last Sunday in January is the AFC and NFC conference championships. And they don't want to go up against that. That's why I said, I think the rumble's moving to February when the in between. The biweek is and the Pro Bowl is, but no, they decided to keep it in January, but they're putting they're doing on Saturday. Can't compete with the fucking conference championships. Yeah. And if they did, we'd be like, oh, I guess we'll review it a couple of days. Yeah. Not gonna miss those games. Right. And then also sports gamers online said that the recent WWE releases this year has ruined the DLC plans for the upcoming WWE two K 22 game. So they might not have any downloadable contents that you can purchase because of that. Probably. Roster's gonna be like the smallest they've had since like PlayStation one, probably. Yeah. But yeah, that's all I got for rumors, so it's trivia time. I toss since it was just you and I tonight I would do something just for us. Yeah. Retro, what's wrong with wrestling night? Okay. We're gonna go back to the first ever show. The first show. We did. Did you do this or did some fan do this? No, I did it. Yeah. I was trying to think of something personal. So I went back to the first show. Okay. Which of these was not a rumor that we talked about? At the end of the first show, okay. These are all kind of funny. Bray Wyatt is gonna wrestle that they're pushing Bray Wyatt so that he can wrestle the undertaker at WrestleMania that year. This is after he just lost the Lesnar. Okay, well the year before. Yeah. WWE isn't sure that Roman should win the rumble this year. I mean, hello every year for the past ten. They've been not sure how much you win the rumble. Number three, Orton hasn't returned yet because of a deviated septum. And number four, Samoa Joe is the hot rumor to sign with WWE real soon. So this is which of these rumors, which of these was not a rumor? Yeah. Three of these was set on the show. Okay, one more time. I don't have Bray Wyatt. I don't give it away. I just. Bray Wyatt gonna wrist on her take your WrestleMania. I think that happened that year, right? He wrestled undertaker after Lesnar? Yeah, was it punk? No, no, no, he was after Lesnar. Take your wrestled Wyatt after Lesnar. This was like Bray Wyatt because Bray Wyatt was the whole thing was Bray Wyatt was trying to bring the undertaker back. Yeah. So that happened. I don't know if it was a rumor that we talked about. Nobody even said everyone should win the rumble. He did win it that year. Yes, with the rocks help. Well, our show was right before. Yeah. Right. God, I'm gonna say WWE isn't sure if Roman should win the rumble. That's my guess. No, we talked about that one. Okay. Orton didn't return because of a deviated septum. I thought that was funny. We talked about that on the show. Okay. The Samoa Joe thing happened like much later. Yeah. With that rumor came up. Okay. Yeah, gotcha. Yeah, it was funny. We sang, I guess we knew we wanted to do a rumor song. So you and I just kind of made up and sang a rumor song. We're like, rumors. No music. Yeah, just us. We're like, things are going to happen, but they're not going to happen or something stupid like that. Yeah. Yeah, not bad. Right. And then there was a commercial at the end for like a current podcast. So they go back and they like they put new commercials for old shows. So if someone listens to it, do we get credit for that? That's cool. For sure. Nice. Yeah, blue wire puts commercials in our every episode. Wow. So that helps. Yeah. All right, fan questions. Pop culture junkie, even out of town for a bit and missed a few weeks of raw, one of the blue hell did share when the raw women's title. Yeah, I know. Do you believe shut up there? Oh my God. She really does look like Cher. She does. Charlotte looks 60 years old. She looks like a 60 year old chair. Oh my God. Stony Alice said she looks like the old Barbie dolls before they were anatomically correct. Oh God. To Tinder sing, what are the chances of last minute replacement wins? King of the ring. Oh, that's funny. Because Shane kind of did that one year. It was the best in the world. The world bullshit. Yeah. Where we're like, I think punk's gonna come back and win it. Yeah, that's where he's gonna fucking return Saudi Arabia. Right. The man of many principles. He doesn't drink. He doesn't smoke. He's going to visit. He's going to take that solid money. Yeah. Yeah. Mick booty pants the third, someone breaks into your house while you're taking a shit. Do you wipe first? Come on. Can we not keep it to rest any questions? Of course you wipe first. That was funny. Bobby, the Mark soy dam. Listen to all the Saudi recaps, crown jewel, 2018. Joe said, why does take your kid coming back? He's going to kill himself if he keeps coming back. How ironic in June of 2019, Goldberg almost killed him in the same country. Yeah. Sure. That was a great recap. And now he's that might have been one of our best match recaps. Yeah. Of all time. Lots of fun. Kyle foxton, so Xavier Woods and Finn Balor are fighting in Saudi and the finals of the king of the ring tournament. I know you're doing predictions after this, but I'll assume everyone's picking Shane McMahon with a pen. We'll see. Zaheen ramen, what would it take for WWE to cut ties with the Saudis? What would it take to cut ties with the probably to cut one of their heads off? They would have to do something harmful to like one of their employees. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, the laws were like seriously. Sorry, a law was broken. Right. They tried to smoke weed on something. Even though we all do it every day. Of course. We know, we know we can throw their best. We have the best weed. Right. Mario Rizzo, just when they started to make Baszler look badass, they fucked her up with dewdrop. She's a cross between King Kong Bundy and bastion booger. Interesting. Ouch. Wow. Then again, like Zane pretty sure Baszler wasn't stepping foot on Saudi soil either. Why? Oh, because she's a lesbian. That's against the law, right? Of course. Stony Atlas $2 says that Xavier Woods wins king of the ring. Any takers? We'll see. Justin Stewart, now that Chucky has made appearances on both WWE and WCW television, that pretty much qualifies him to be a celebrity in the Hall of Fame. Yeah. That was a rumor. You know what? We didn't talk about that. That's like a rumor I saw in a couple of websites. Hall of Fame. What did you see the pay? Did you see the confirmed news? What? That Chucky's gonna be at Halloween havoc?.

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